These Are Believed To Be A LIVING GHOSTS With A Power To Kill With A Single Touch

Published on: 10/05/17 8:08 AM

THESE bizarre looking masked figures are believed to be living ghosts with the power to kill with a single touch. Their words are believed come directly from the gods as they link the living to their ancestors. The Egungun of Benin are a secretive society in West Africa, respected and feared by the locals, who think they have astonishing powers.

Villagers believe if they are touched by an Egungun, they will die thinking any contact whatsoever with an Egungun can prove deadly for both the Egungun and the other person

Each Egungun is accompanied by a “minder”, who is also a member of the Egungun society, who carries a large stick to drive curious individuals away.

Benin is a small country sandwiched between Nigeria to the East and Ghana and Togo to the West.

Tradition holds that the bizarre robed figures cannot be touched otherwise both they and the person who laid hands on them will perish

The Egungun cover their bodies head to toe in dramatic robes and are thought to be a connection to the ancestors

Each is accompanied by a minder who carries a large stick to beat away anyone who may try to touch one of the Egungun.

The Egungun are one of Benin’s Secret Societies who appear as masked men representing the spirits of the Living Dead.

Formerly the French colony of Dahomey, little is known about the country prior to around the 15th century when it was occupied first by the Portuguese, followed by the British, Dutch and lastly French who took control in 1894.

They are Living Ghosts, and thought of as a link the ancestors.

Their role in village lice is to settle local disputes, and their knowledge is often consulted in times of trouble within their village.

The Egungun speak in a high-pitched and altogether un-human and unsettling falsetto Punch and Judy style voice.

Some say they derive their name from the Northern Nigerian language Yoruba word for “bones” or “skeleton”

Their words and advice are believed to com directly from the gods

They are believed to be both dead and ageless by the locals and our brought in to settle village disputes

The ghosts arrive in villages, pass judgements and give advice with their word believed to come directly from the Gods.

All members of the mysterious and secretive order are male

They speak in a high pitched tone of voice which has to be translated for the locals to understand

Each Egungun appears as a robed figure – giving the impression that the deceased is making a temporary reappearance on Earth.

This impression is enhanced by the large costumes of they wear with the cloth and design used to expresses the power of the ancestor.

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