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These Bollywood Actors Own Luxurious Private Jets & It’s Awesome!!

Published on: 29/07/17 8:42 AM

Bollywood Celebrities Who Owns  Luxurious Private Jets

Bollywood celebrities’ lives are dream life of many. Luxurious house, cars, high-class lifestyle and the list goes on. Celebs that charge crores for their projects and have a bank balance of 100s of crores. Celebrities travel abroad for their movie projects and then do you think they’ll waste their time in standing in the queues at the airport when they can be the owner of their own ‘Luxurious’ private jets.

We are talking about your favorite Bollywood stars that own and travel in their lavish private jets. These Bollywood Celebrities and their Luxurious private Jets will make you feel jealous about them. Let’s take a look!!

Salman Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Owns  Luxurious Private Jets

Salman Khan is the highest paid actor of the Bollywood. Dabangg Khan charges approx. Rs. 40-45 crores for a single project and Rs. 5-9 crores for an advertisement project. Though Salman lives in his 1 bhk flat in Galaxy apartment he owns his own luxurious private jet.

Amitabh Bachchan Aka ‘Big B’:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Owns  Luxurious Private Jets

Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary star that our Bollywood is well known not only for his versatility but also for his humbleness and punctuality. Big B charge around Rs. 15-20 crores for per movie project and have given many hits in his career. Owning his own lavish private jet is no big deal for him. Big B’s Private Jet cost approx. 260 crores

Akshay Kumar:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Owns  Luxurious Private Jets

Akshay gives 4-5 hits in a year, he keeps a deadline of 50 days for a single film. Action Kumar aka Akshay charges Rs. 25-30 crores for a movies and Rs 4-9 crores for an e-commerce project.

Shahrukh Khan:

Bollywood Celebrities Who Owns  Luxurious Private Jets

King Khan is known as the king of Romance, he is most loved Bollywood stars in the world. SRK charges Rs. 20-25 crores for the single flick and almost five crores for an advertisement projects. Other than These SRK has his own hotels in the foreign country and he owns a private jet for a whopping 350 crores.

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