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These Indians With Super Power in Real Life Will Trigger Your Heartbeat!

Published on: 27/08/17 7:32 PM

There are many Indians in the world who have their own superpowers. These Indians With Super Power in Real Life Will Trigger Your Heartbeat.

We have seen humans possesing superpowers in reel life onscreen in movies like superman, spiderman etc. Most of us do aspire the imagination of having our own superpowers in real life. Just imagine that you have a wonderful superpower in your body and you could utilize it for the best results. Yes, We Indians are never less than others in the world. There are many Indians who posses their own superpowers in real life.


6. Nandana Unnikrishnan


The 9-year-old Nandana Unnikrishnan can easily feel her mother's emotions and read her thoughts. She has been born with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, a disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact and attention.


"I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her," says Sandhya, her mother.
"The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it," she added.

5. Akrit Jaswal


Akrit Jaswal is not a normal person, and his family knew it from the very beginning. From the year of 5, he started reading Shakespeare, and while he was at the age of 7, he performed a surgery for a shepherd family who could not afford healthcare for their daughter.

Akrit is the first kid in India to be admitted to a medical school in the country. Currently, he is doing masters in applied chemistry.

4. Raj Mohan Nair


Do you know what would be the impact of Electric current on the human body? This man, Raj Mohan Nair is such a classic example of this. Raj Mohan Nair, the Electric Man from India, can resist 10 times more electric current than an average human can do.


Raj Mohan is very well known for doing extra ordinary things on his body with high voltage. Raj Mohan wraps fully exposed wires around his body. One end of these wires were connected to the main plug and the other end got connected to the electrical devices like electrical bulb, mixer grinders, iron plates etc. He then switches on the main plug. Because of this the current starts flowing through his body, but there was no effect of electric current on his body.

3. Jyothi Raj


We all are indeed a big fan of Spiderman as the way he climbs or even moves around. However, the way he swings on the roads of NYC, we all love it. However, this Indian man is an incredible rock climber as well as wall climber.

Commonly known as Monkey King, Jyothi Raj is famous for climbing the whole of Chitradurga Fort and that too without any harness. In 2013, he scaled the clock tower of Hubli in just 15 minutes.

2. Priyanshi Somani

Priyanshi, 18 is a genius of Mental Calculation. She is a daughter of Satyen Somani. She participated in the 2010 mental Calculation World Cup and performed with 100% accuracy in multiplication, square roots as well as addition.


She has her name in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as Limca Book of World Records as she holds a record in Mental Square Roots. Her efforts are indeed something to be applauded.

1. Manoj Chopra


People generally call him as 'Chhattisgarh Giant' or 'Bangalore Bhima,' but Manoj Chopra is currently the strongest man in India. He is himself a Guinness Book of World Records holder and is currently the 14th Strongest Man in the world. 

Manoj was born in 1970 in Raipur. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 155 Kg.  He has conducted many motivational programs in the world. He has spoken in almost 3000 schools worldwide and has conducted many motivational programmers. He is covered by ABC, USA Today and many more Channels.

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