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13 Lesser Known Facts About Mahatma Gandhi That Will Blow Your Mind

Published on: 1/10/17 6:21 PM

I am sure you must not be knowing many of these facts!

1. Mahatma Gandhi was nominated 5 times for Noble Peace Prize


Mahatma Gandhi was always in favour of Non-Violent struggle. This quality of Mahatma Gandhi was appreciated by the Noble Peace Prize committee and he was nominated 5 times for the Noble Peace Prize award.

The Noble Peace Prize committee acknowledged their mistake for not awarding Mahatma Gandhi with the award. According to the rules, the one who is awarded for Noble prize should be a living entity hence in 1989, 41 years after Gandhiji's demise the Peace prize was awarded to Dalai Lama. (Source)

2. Mahatma Gandhi use to travel 18 Kilometers daily throughout his life


3. Mahatma Gandhi served British-Indian Army During Boer War.


It was initial days when Gandhi ji was in South Africa. He voluntarily served as the stretcher bearer in the British-Indian Army during Boer War. The horrors of the War made a great impact on Gandhi Ji and also solidified his firm belief in non-violence.

4. Mahatma Gandhi wrote letter to Hitler appealing him to stop the War


Mahatma Gandhi was having friendly relations with many powerful personalities of his time. Hitler was among one of those. Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler, requesting him to stop the war.

5. Mahatma Gandhi was not comfortable with Kasturba during his initial days of marriage


Mahatma Gandhi was the son of Karamchand and Putlibai whereas Kasturba was the daughter of grain merchant Gokuldas and Vrajkunwar. Both the families of Karamchand and Gokuldas were close friends. In order to strengthen their friendship bond, they married their children (Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba). Both of them were 7 years of age at the time of marriage. Death of their first child had a great impact on Gandhi Ji and this turned him to take firm stand against child marriage,

6. Mahatma Gandhi had a set of False teeth.


7. Mahatma Gandhi was a very shy kid


When Mahatma Gandhi was 11 years of age, he joined a high school in Rajkot. He was a very shy kid and often use to run away from school because he finds difficult talking to his schoolmates.

8. Mahatma Gandhi was an Average student.


9. Mahatma Gandhi failed as a Lawyer


Even though Gandhi ji was a successful leader but instead he proved a failure to become a good lawyer. Being shy he wasn't able to cross-question the witnesses and also could not deliver good speeches. Often during speeches, he becomes nervous, his hands and legs trembles.

10. Mahatma Gandhi was having one of the most well paid job's in South Africa


Gandhiji was a lawyer to a Soth Africa based firm, Dada Abdulla & Co. situated in Natal. He was having an annual pay of 15000 dollars at that time. If calculated for today, the payment he use to receive at that time would put him in the list of Top 5 richest Indians. Instead of this lump sum payment, Gandhiji left everything and decided to move to India.

11. Mahatma Gandhi started Three football clubs in South Africa


Gandhi ji believes in non-violence and was against racial discrimination. In order to spread his message to masses, he established three football clubs in South Africa. These football clubs were established in Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg and were called as ‘Passive Resisters Soccer Club.’ 

12. Apple founder Steve Jobs was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi


In 1999 during an Interview with Time Magazine, Steve Jobs replied that Mahatma Gandhi is his choice for the Person of the Century. He further added "Gandhi demonstrated that we can force change and justice through moral acts of aggression instead of physical acts of aggression. Never has our  species needed this wisdom more.”

13. Mahatma Gandhi was thinking to dissolve Congress, a day before his demise.


According to Gandhiji the base of Congress was non-cooperation with Britishers and to achieve freedom but Dadabhai Naroji has a moderate approach and he wanted Britishers to see the cause of Indians. This will carry out mass protest, uniting and collecting mob, organise hartals etc. which was of no use in an Independent country. This forced Gandhiji to take decision for dissolving Congress.

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