They Appear Similar But Are Different- Some Things We Have Been Comprehending Wrongly!

Published on: 26/06/18 11:19 AM

Things That We Have Been Considering Similar But Are Actually Different..!!

There are some things that we have been comprehending as same but are actually different. Let us know what are those things that need correction and updation in our memory. Its okay to not know something as its okay to be unaware..!! So lets quickly glance at those items to update our knowledge.

They Look Same, Right?

Tofu Vs Paneer 😛

These Two Smarties Look Similar, Right?

Biscuits Are Different From Cookies..!!

Most Of Us Have Been Saying It Wrongly..!!

They Look, Like Similar Cousins..!! 😉

Hope you too had that food craving just like me..!!
Just Kidding… 🙂 🙂
Enjoy Your day and do ask this to someone today.!!
Because Sharing Is Caring and as you Already Know the answers it’s worth Asking 😉 😉

I am pretty sure most of them won’t be aware of what we just learned…


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