What Women Notice About Men At First Sight?

Published on: 20/06/18 1:50 PM

Women hate men that don’t prefer looking at her face and rather keep staring at her chest area. As she doesn’t prefer talking to men that cant respect her physical stats and so will choose to walk away from such a man faster than a blink. It’s weird and a non-acceptable gesture done by men to her as it makes her uncomfortable. So let’s know what are those things that women notice about men at first sight itself?


Its rightly said- eyes are the window to the soul. As eyes are capable of expressing it all just with a glance at it communicates faster than words. Many things can be quickly shared with the use of eyes as it communicates faster than anything. You can read someone heart like an open book just by looking into their eyes.



Yes, women love the voice of men. As that’s where the manly him resides-yes, undoubtedly his voice. If you mimic and don’t follow your tone you will lose the interest of a girl. The words you use and the way you use your voice in front of her is actually noted by her. A deep voice attracts most girls as not every girl likes the light voice like that of a girl.


Do you know your smile is the first thing that is noticed by her? Some men are born with smiles that instantly make women fall for them. As smile open doors for a comfortable conversation between them and helps understand each other better. A man who smiles the most of the time and prefers not to be grumpy is more accepted by women.


A guy that is good for her girl but not good to the people surrounding her is definitely not a good guy. As a guy is more appealing to eyes when he is raised with good values and not looks. No woman wishes to be embarrassed by him because he lacks table manners and calls out waiter with cheap names.

The Way You Carry Yourself

She notices it all – be it the way you tug your shirt, or the way you walk, or the way you dress speak volume about your styling taste. A man that has mastered the art of dressing up can appeal any women’s eye as she can’t take off her eyes from a man that is well-versed with colors that suit him. Your confident dressing attracts her.


Men, the most appealing things women find in him is the smell of fragrance that he accompanies with his clothing. As a good scent will drag her attention and would make her notice your presence. But don’t go for strong smelling fragrances that can make her sneeze out. A little about of good scent can do that attention-grabbing for you. As she appreciates men that practice good hygiene and take care of smelling good and not stinky.

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