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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favourite Brands

Published on: 8/01/18 10:50 AM

We live in the world of competition where it’s the survival of the fittest. In today’s time, many new startups are being formed in hope of capturing the market. But, a research was conducted that concluded: “9 out of 10 Startups fail”. So, you see that it’s not easy to form and run a venture properly.

It requires a lot of hard work and at the same time smart work to proceed ahead in the journey and stay on the top. Some of the companies rose among their competition and now are working hard each day to maintain that position.

In this article, we are going to talk about such brands only. Every day we use products of our favorite and popular brands,  but there remain few things which are quite interesting and a little shocking about these popular brands. So, let’s check it out below:

1) Facebook

Have you ever thought why Facebook is developed in blue color? We are sure once in a while this question would have popped up in your mind. The main reason is because Mark Zuckerberg is actually color blind. He is not fully colorblind but partially which includes the green and red color. Mark himself claims that he chose the blue color as he is able to view it clearly.

Today, many new companies which are formed choose the blue color in their logos, slogans, etc as the color has got so much popular due to Mark Zuckerberg.

2) Starbucks

Have you heard about the popular coffee shop – Starbucks? Have you ever visited it? Starbucks is a renowned and popular brand especially among the rich groups (It’s a bit costly). Today, we have a special fact about this big brand which no one would have noticed for sure. It’s present there only but we never over think about it! Keep reading to know about it.

We are talking about the round tables! Yes,  the roundtables are not a normal feature of Starbucks made just for uniqueness or design purpose, but they actually are made in such a way so you get a home feeling. If you are visiting alone, then you won’t be feeling much lonely. Hearing this fact, makes me visit the coffee shop now!

3) Amazon

Do you love to shop at Amazon? What’s the most favorite category you like on the site? Let us know in the comments section below.

The most popular and largest e-commerce giant has also got some special rules which every employee has to follow. Upon completion of employee’s 2 years, they have to go and work in the customer service department to get a more clear vision and understanding of the customer service working. The best part is that this rule has to be followed by the CEO of the company also, Jeff Bezos.

4) Apple

The brand known for its quality Smartphones – Apple. We are quite aware of the fact that every one of us can’t afford those Smartphones due to their costly price. But, hey we can’t afford it but we can at least still know the fact. Let’s check it out below :

If you own an Apple device then for sure you would be using Siri at least once in a day. But, let me tell you a shocking truth about Siri! It records all your voice inputs and sends it to Apple. They keep those voice records for better customer service. They analyze and revise it from time to time based on the user inputs.

5) Volkswagen

Do you love cars? Are you fond of keeping or knowing about the latest trend of cars? If your answer is anywhere to a Yes, then you would love this fact for sure. All cars of popular brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, etc are all under one roof. What do we mean? Well, all these car brands are owned by none other than Volkswagen. This is an absolutely true news!

These were some of the interesting facts about your favorite brands. We hope that you liked reading the facts and knowing about the unheard side of the most popular brands. If this article helped you, then share it with your friends by clicking on the share button. Also, let us know any other shocking facts about other brands in the comments section below.

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