This Japanese Ice Cream Never Melts

Published on: 9/08/17 10:01 AM

Eating Ice-Cream is probably one of the best desserts we all love to have. Here is this Ice Cream From Japan Never Melts.

Eating Ice-Cream is probably one of the best desserts we all love to have. How about having it for long? Almost everyone knows that it is indeed a great challenge of the summer season to have your ice cream just before it melts. We all hate it just when we see that the cream starts to melt and there is absolutely no cream left. 

However, the country of Japan has developed yet another technology that brought out an interesting ice cream. Here is this Ice Cream From Japan which Never Melts.

Even if The Sunshine and a 99 flake would seem to like natural bedfellows, the sticky diary which would likely to run down your hand is certainly prepared to give you a blast. However, this happens with most of the ice creams when we try to have them just after a few minutes. 

However, The team of researchers from Japan has developed to bring up with solutions to bid a goodbye to all our woes and have been successful in creating an ice cream that will never melt easily. Though there have been many tries for this, the Japanese Ice cream will always stay with you.

The Biotherapy Development Research Centre of Japan has worked out very hard and has been successful in innovating the first ice cream that never melts. In order to conduct the process, they called for the pastry chef and asked him to make a dessert using polyphenol. If you do not know what it is, polyphenol is a liquid extract from strawberries. 

The process was fairly leading to success as the chef hit an obstacle early on the dish! However, it was seen that every time he tried to use the dairy cream with the strawberry polyphenol added to it, it used to solidify the cream instantly.  Instead of writing this off as a failed attempt, the team quickly realized that they had actually struck gold and then turned it to a completely marketable feature.

Indeed, the ice cream shop which sells ice creams which never melt has gained a global reputation. People are flocking from all over the country in search for the ice cream. 

Recently a reporter from Japanese News, Mr. Asahi Shimbun confirmed this never melting ice cream as a major success because despite standing outside for five minutes in a 28-degree heat, the ice cream stayed intact and it did not start to melt.

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