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This Indian Cricketer Is Dating A Very Gorgeous Girl And Making Everyone Jealous

Published on: 15/08/17 1:56 PM

We have got something exclusive for his fans. He Is dating a very gorgeous girl and making everyone jealous. Who is he?

In the world of Glamour, every media personnel is watching Bollywood Stars, Cricketers or even Hollywood Stars every time. Cricketers and celebrities in our country are treated just like the same as God by their fans. The recent Indian Cricket Star, K.L Rahul is such a celebrity who is followed by everyone in our country. We have Got something exclusive for his fans. Rahul Is Dating a Gorgeous Girl And Making Everyone Jealous.

Are you interested to know who that lucky girl is? Let’s have a look.

Cricketer K.L. Rahul, has been always in a limelight when it comes to fashion these days on the social media. However, this time, it is just not because of his professional achievements but also the personal agenda. This time, it is related to popping out a relationship news that is taking a lot of space around the news columns. 

The digital proofs that are available in different social media accounts is a fact that Rahul has given birth to a new speculation. Assumptions are there that he might be dating a hot lady from the television.

Infact, there is also a picture that the Indian Opener shared on Instagram along with an amazing message on Instagram. 


Elixir Nahar, as we know from her Instagram Profile, is a presenter and a host. She is just not only a well-known model but, also a sports show host as well! 


Currently, Elixir is staying at Bengaluru and is working with a private firm as a Marketing Associate and has even done some modeling projects. She was also spotted in the IPL while cheering for K.L. Rahul. 


There are many pictures of the couple which dates back to the starting of 2016 when India started a tour to West Indies. However, they both seem to be very comfortable with each other. 

Although Rahul has always kept his personal life under the wraps, Elixir believes that sharing them would mean more to them. Elixir has shared pictures in all of the social media accounts of her. 

So, We really do not need any words to define their relationship. We wish them all the Best !

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