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Do You Know Facebook Has Some Built-In Shortcut Keys To Simplify Life??

Published on: 27/02/18 10:23 AM

Time Saving Hacks Of Facebook..!!

For those who see time as money, we have a secret to reveal. Staying active on social media is a must these days so we have a list of hacks to save your time while surfing Facebook. Let’s scroll through some time-saving tricks to simplify our life.

1. New Message:  Alt + M

Shortcut Keys for New Message in Facebook for Chrome, Mozilla, IE

This shortcut key doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer at all, but if you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, it should work fine, though Firefox will use Shift+Alt+M instead.

2. Search Box: Alt +?

Search Box Shortcut Keys while using Facebook - Chrome, Firefox, IE

This shortcut key is the same in Chrome and Internet Explorer, but is Shift+Alt+? in Firefox—it’s really a very useful shortcut since the search box gets you access to all your friends easily.

3. Home Page: Alt + 1

Facebook HomePage Shortcut Keys - Time Saving Hacks

This shortcut takes you to your homepage—if you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+1 and IE is Alt+1 and then Enter.

4. Your Profile: Alt + 2

Your Profile - Keyboard Shortcut for Facebook

This shortcut takes you to your profile page—if you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+2 and IE is Alt+2 and then Enter.

5. Friend Requests: Alt + 3

Friend Request Shortcut Keys Facebook

This shortcut is somewhat useless unless you’re the most popular person in the world, as it opens up the friend requests page. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+3 and IE is Alt+3 and then Enter.

6. Messages: Alt + 4

Facebook Shortcut Keys for Message

This shortcut opens up the Messages dialog. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+4 and IE is Alt+4 and then Enter.

7. Notifications: Alt + 5

Notifications Keyboard Shortcuts Facebook

This shortcut opens up the Notifications dialog. If you’re in Firefox it’s Shift+Alt+5 and IE is Alt+5 and then Enter.

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