Tips To Avoid Wrist Pain Caused By Typing

Published on: 19/10/18 11:04 AM

Typing on the keyboard may not appear as a strenuous activity but improper use of it may injure your wrists. Office employees usually spend eight to nine hours working on computer and typing on the keyboard. Due to this, many of them face wrist pain and damage their wrists. Some people even require surgery. This pain goes by several names including Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CSI). 

The most important thing about computer-related wrist injury is to avoid it. There are some practical things you can do to avoid wrist pain.

While sitting at your desk

  • Position the screen at least 20 inches in front of you, with the screen at eye level.
  • Adjust your chair if needed and test out the position.
  • Your head should be aligned with your spine, your knees should be over your feet and your pelvis tilted slightly back so your weight is resting on your sit bones.
  • Keep your arms loose.

How to position the keyboard and how to type

  • Place the keyboard on a flat surface at the same level as your elbows will help you with this. You can also have it slightly below your elbows, but it should never be higher.
  • Keep wrist pointed straight while typing. See the image below.

Take frequent micro-breaks from keyboarding… 5 seconds every 30 minutes in order to stretch overhead, and improve posture and in between keep stretching and rotating your wrist to relieve muscle tensions.

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