Which Are The Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels Around The World?

Published on: 8/08/18 10:40 AM

 List Of Most Expensive Hotels Is As Follows..!!

Do you know which all hotel ranks amongst the top this list of top 10 most expensive hotels around the world? So let’s know which all hotels are expensive around the globe. Let us begin.

10. Park Hyatt Paris

The hotel of paris formally named as Park Hyatt ranks 10th as its cheaper than the hotels ranking first. The Stay cost at this hotel per night is $15,000.

9. Four Season Hotel George V Paris

After Park Hyatt comes to Four Season Hotel George V of Paris. The stay cost at this hotel per night is $15.500.

8. LE Richemond

LE Richemond ranks eighth in those list of top 10 expensive hotels. The cost of a stay here for one night is $17.000 in Geneva Switzerland.

7. Burj Al Arab Hotel

Whereas, Burj Al Arab Hotel ranks seventh after being famous for the servings this hotel gives to its customers. The price of stay in Dubai, UAE famed hotel per night is $ 17.500.

6. Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Ritz-Carlton Hotel ranks sixth in the list of top 10 list of expensive hotels. So for one night stay, you have to spend $ 17.500 in this beautiful place situated in Moscow, Russia.

5. Atlantis Resort

Here comes the fifth one- Atlantis Resort Hotel located in the Bahamas and Dubai UAE. The price for per night stay here is $24.000, which is pretty much expensive.

4. President Wilson Hotel

President Wilson Hotels situated in Geneva, Switzerland and ranks fourth as its more pricey in terms of stay. The price per night stay is $31.500.

3. Four Seasons Hotel

$32,500 a night stay at Four Seasons Hotel - Extravagant Hotel Rooms

Four Season Hotel of New York is the third most expensive hotels in the US. And offers room for each night stay at a price of $32.500.

2. Palm Casino Resort

Palm Casino Resort - Most Expensive Hotel Suites - $38,000

Here comes the second most expensive hotel situated in Las Vegas, USA. It’s the most luxurious hotel that has a price for every night stay for $38.000.

1. The Grand Resort, Lagonissi

The Grand Resort, Lagonissi - Night Stay $47,500 - Richest Hotel in the World

And the most awaited and most expensive hotel of this list is “Grand Resort Lagonissi. Which is situated in Athens, Greece. For spending a night where you need to splurge pretty huge amount worth $47.50o. That is pretty less for the rich class that aims for luxury and not an expense head.

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