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Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs Of The World And Their Salaries Will Shock You!

Published on: 24/08/17 2:05 PM

Here are The Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs Of The World And Their Salaries Will Shock You!

Ever wondered how much you could earn while working in some of the Top MNCs in the world? Surely being a CEO would take a lot of hard work in your career but the reward you get in terms of salary will please your ears as well as the heart. Today, we are here with the list of the best CEOs of the top MNCs all over the world. Here are Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs Of The World And Their Salaries Will Shock You.

1. Mario J. Gabelli (Rs. 490 Crore)


Mario J. Gabelli is professionally a stock investor and also works as the CEO of GAMCO Investors. In the year of 2006, Forbes listed him as #346 on the wealthiest Americans. Gabriel has an annual salary of around $75965300 in the year of 2016.

2. Leslie Moonves (Rs. 540 Crore)


Leslie Moonves served most of his career as the CEO of Viacom Inc. Before this; he was the series executive positions as CBS which he joined at 1995. The overall salary of Leslie Moonves is nearly $83645290.

3. Philippe P. Dauman (Rs. 567 Crore)


Philippe P. Dauman is apparently the current CEO of Viacom and is serving here since 2006. The annual salary of Philippe P. Dauman is around $87841K as he was also the director of CBS Corporation until September

4. Mitch Garber (Rs. 589 Crore)


Known to be more of a Canadian Business Executive, Mitch Garber is currently the CEO of Caesars Acquisition Company. Mitch Garber has built a strong career being the Chairman of Cirque du Soleil. Mitch is initially a lawyer by profession, and his overall salary is $91M.

5. Virginia M. Rometty (Rs. 625 Crore)


By profession, Virginia M. Rometty is an American Business Executive who is the CEO of IBM. She is the first woman to be the CEO of this Company. Back in the year of 1981, Rometty joined IBM as Systems Engineer. Her current income is nearly around $96 Million.

6. Elon Musk (Rs. 644 Crore)


Elon Musk is the founder as well as the CEO of SpaceX. Jointly, he is also the co founder of Tesla Inc along with several other gaming giant Companies. His net worth is of$15.2 billion which makes him as the 80th richest man in the world. Elon Musk has an income of $ 99 Million.

7. Sundar Pichai (Rs. 687 Crore)


Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google Inc. from 1 August 2015 till date. He was paid around a margin as of $ 105 Million. He is the first Indian to be the CEO of Google.

8. John S. Weinberg (Rs. 801 Crore)


John S. Weinberg is the current Chairman and also the CEO of Evercore from November 2016. From 2006 to 2015, he was the Vice President of Global Investment Banking. His annual income is $ 123 Million.

9. Tim Cook (Rs. 968 Crore)


Tim Cook is the senior Vice president of Apple since March 1998. During the tenure as the Chief Executive, he achieved much success in his career. Apple paid him around $ 150 Million.

10. Marc Lore (Rs. 1531 Crore)


The Walmart Director, Marc Lore is the highest paid CEO in the entire world. Marc is an entrepreneur and also the CEO of Walmart eCommerce. He is also the founder of many other e commerce stores online. The current salary of Lore is $236 Million.

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