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Top 10 Richest Beggars Of The World That Will Change Your Perception Towards Your Profession

Published on: 16/10/17 5:58 PM

Do you know about the top 10 beggars from the entire world? What is special about these beggars? Usually, we may see a number of beggars nearby the metro stations, hospitals, temples, cinemas, and much more but do you know the reality of these beggars? Some of the unaware people just provide them with the money by thinking that they may be hungry but actually they may be richer than you. Isn’t it shocking? Obviously, you may get a shock after this huge revelation, right? You may not think to send your child to the most expansive school for once but some of these beggars are really richer enough that they can choose the best options for their children. Here is the list of top 10 beggars from the entire world, just go through the same-

1. Bharat Jain


He is a 49-year old man who started begging our of the Parel region of Mumbai. He started begging for setting up the career of his children and you can’t even imagine how much money he owes now. He is the single owner of the two apartments worth 70 lakhs. He has a juice centre as well from where he is earning about Rs. 10,000 as monthly rent. Can you imagine, he is actually earning about .75000 every month only through begging.

2. Krishna Kumar Gite


He is another young beggar whose favourite begging spot is CP Tank near the Charni Road in Mumbai. How much can he earn only from begging? Can you guess? He is earning about Rs. 1,500 a day and now owns a flat at Nallasopara.

3. Sambhaji Kale


He begs in the Khar region of Mumbai where he lives with other members of his family. You can’t even imagine that he is actually earning thousands of rupees in a day and has his own flat in Virar with two other houses and land in Solapur.

4. Sarvatia Devi


She is a beggar from India who lives in an apartment near the Ashok Cinemas in Patna. She is a lady who pays about Rs. 36,000 as her annual insurance premium.

5. Ted Williams


He is a US-based beggar named as Ted Williams. He was actually very poor but starts begging for his livings on the roads of Ohio. He had a keen interest in singing and one of the reports noticed his skills and uploaded his video to YouTube and he became famous and now has a huge worth of money.

6. Rongfeng


He was extremely poor at the initial stages of his life as he had to sleep on the roads of China’s Zhejiang as well. He met a lady in a noodle shop who helped him a lot by providing him food and some money by which he started his own business and repaid the whole amount to that lady.

7. Simon Wright


He is another beggar from ASBO where he was banned from begging but he continued the same so as to improve his livings and now he is one of the richest beggars.

8. Eisha


She is a 100-year old woman from Saudi Arabia who has died but when researched about her, it has been found that she left million-dollar assets behind and all such amount has been earned just through begging.

9. Corey


If you think you can’t do anything in life then just have look at this beggar named as Corey from New York who usually begged on the streets but then started selling newspapers from his investments made through begging.

10. Laxmi Das


She started begging in 1964 in Kolkata when she was just around 16. She spent her entire life through begging but yes, she has saved the huge bucks of money as she could.

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