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Top 12 Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sports From Around The World That Will Leave You Awestruck

Published on: 28/03/18 6:33 PM

Adventure lovers try many dangerous activities to live a thrilling life. We all like to watch extreme sports but only a few brave individuals dream to try these sports. Only one mistake and the game is over. There is no room for error and that’s what makes these sports more thrilling and dangerous. Let’s find out the world’s most extreme adventure sports.

1. Free Climbing

Deadly Sport - Free Climbing


Free climbing is the most thrilling and dangerous adventure sport. The climbers ascend the cliff without using any hill climbing equipment. Free climbers rely on their hands, feet, and body to climb up and reach the peak point. It depends on climbers that whether they want to use the rope or not, to enhance personal safety. It seems like making a death wish when the newbie climbers attempt free climbing without a rope. The only thing that helps climbers in survival is their rock climbing skills and therefore it is the most thrilling adventure sports in the world.

2. Base Jumping

Base Jumping - Extremely Dangerous Adventure Sport


Base Jumping is also referred as B.A.S.E. Jumping in. The jumpers first reach the top of a cliff, an antenna, or a skyscraper and then leap down with a parachute. It requires excellent knowledge of freefalling and parachuting. There is no chance of survival if the parachute does not work or if your brain stops working. Even the strong breeze can throw you in the rocks if not leaped properly. Therefore, this adventure sport is not for the faint-hearted people.

3. Highlining

highlining - dangerous extreme sportSource

Highlining is a form of tightrope walking. The rope in highlining is neither tight nor taut. The slacker does not use the balancing pole while walking over the rope. You must have a good control over your body movement and your feet while trying this extreme sport. The wind also acts like a villain while the slacker walks over the rope. Therefore, highlining becomes one of the most daunting adventure activities.

4. Big Wave Surfing

Adventure lovers sport - big wave surfingSource

Adventure lovers find big-heavy waves attractive when it comes surfing. Big Wave Surfing is a lot difficult and different from normal surfing. Top skilled surfers are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet high. Surfers try to escape before the wave ends otherwise it can be the last adventure ride of their life. Big waves ruthlessly test surfing skills of the adventurer. Therefore, it requires exceptional surfing skills, perfect balance, and good flexibility to beat big waves.

5. Cave Diving

thrilling cave divingSource

Cave diving is a thrilling activity that includes scuba diving and caving. The divers plunge into underwater caves to explore the hidden world inside those caves. Any disaster can unfold inside the cave. Therefore, a pleasing cave diving tour can anytime turn into the worst nightmare of your life. The daredevils find it quite entertaining. They like to dive deep into dark caves, deal with surprises, and explore new worlds.

6. Creeking

Creeking dangerous than kayaking


Creeking is a form of canoeing. The kayakers use a kayak to descend down over a very low volume of whitewater. It is far more dangerous than Kayaking. It is an extreme sport that constantly puts dangers in your ways. You need to deal with sharp rocks and a low volume of whitewater in order to find a safe passage towards the ending point. Only one wrong turn can result in a fatal injury or death. Therefore, this adventure sport is for only well-trained kayakers.

7. Downhill mountain biking

Downhill mountain bikingSource

DH or downhill mountain biking is a famous form of mountain biking. The bikers ride their bike over rough and steep tracks which also feature jumping ramps, rock gardens, steep drops, and several other obstacles. Bolivia’s so-called Death Road is the first choice of many daredevil bikers, who like to challenge their biking skills.

8. Wingsuit flying

wingsuit flying deadliest sportSource

Wingsuit flying involves gliding through the air in a wingsuit. Jumpers can use the top of a cliff, a building, or any other high altitude location to jump and then glide through the air.  It is similar to base jumping, but you will not fall down after leaping from the cliff. You will float in the air like an eagle by using the wings of your Wingsuit. It is quite thrilling because only one wrong move can lead you towards the ground.

9. Ice climbing

adventurous ice climbing


Ice climbing is also a genre of mountain climbing. Adventure junkies ascend over steep slopes of frozen ice to reach the peak point of the mountain. This adventure activity is performed over several different locations such as frozen waterfalls, icefalls, rock slabs, and cliffs. Though the climbers use the ropes, climbing picks and other protection gears to ascend up, the freezing temperature of the glaciers and frozen waterfalls make it extreme for the climbers. The danger of loosing grip and falling into icy crevasse is always there. Therefore, it is an extremely thrilling adventure sport.

10. Bullfighting

extremely dangerous bullfighting


It is an exciting contest in which the bullfighter challenge a bull to immobilize, publically subdue, and kill it. The Torero (Bullfighters) spend years in learning how to stay away from bull’s horns and how to defeat it. Still, many of them get injured during the fight. It is all about showing how daring you are and how effectively you can deal with a deadly bull.

11. Heli-Skiing

dangerous heli skiing


Heli-skiing is a form of skiing but performed on the locations where nobody has gone before. A helicopter takes the skier to the highest point and then the skier jumps over the snow-covered slope of the mountain. Anything can go wrong anytime and the skiers can also fall into the vales. Therefore, it is one of the deadliest sports to try.

12. Wing Walking

wing walking - deadliest sportSource

Wing walking is often performed in the air shows. It was started during 1920 airshows and then become one of the favorite sports of adventure lovers. You need to climb above the wings of an airplane while the plane is flying in the air. You might be wondering how is that possible because the air-speed will throw you out of the plane. The Wing Walkers fasten themselves over the wings of the plane and then the plane floats freely. It is how this sport becomes so thrilling and exciting.

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