Top 20 Richest Pets On Earth Whose Net Worth Will Leave You Awestruck

Published on: 4/11/17 9:29 AM

Are you an animal lover? Numerous animal lovers are there who love to buy the most expensive pets for their kids. Do you know the world’s richest pets? Can you believe that pets can also be richer too? No? Yes, it is absolutely true, these pets exist. Here are the top 20 richest pets in the world


1. Grumpy Cat


Have you ever heard about this cat having a permanent grumpy face? You won’t believe that the net worth of this Grumpy Cat is about $100 Million. Her owner Tabatha Bundesen provided her a name, Tardar Sauce.

2. Keiko


It is about a whale whose net worth is about $36 million but unfortunately, she died in 2002 because of pneumonia. She started suffering from pneumonia after being returned to the open ocean.

3. Nicholas the Cat


It is about a cat with the name Nicholas, her owner name is Dusty Springfield. Dusty Springfield was a popular singer and died in about 1999 but her loving cat started getting a special treatment according to her will.

4. Silverstone the Tortoise


Here, it is a tortoise having a net worth of about $27,000. The name of the tortoise is Silverstone. The tortoise got this net worth after the death of her owner, Christina Foyle. Silverstone was one of the favorites of 6 tortoises owned by Christina.

5. Jasper the Dog


Here is a cute dog named as Jasper having the net worth of $50,000. His owner Diana Myburgh died in about 1995 and a sum amount of $50,000 was received by this dog after the death of his owner. He became one of the richest pets in the world after the death of another dog named as Jason who also owned the same amount as stated by their owner.

6. Minter, Juice, and Callum

Alexander McQueen had three dogs and he wanted that their dogs will get a special care after his death. He then committed suicide by leaving a note behind. The note stated that all the three of his dogs would get the sum amount of $81,000 after his death.

7. Tinker


The story of this cat is complicated. She owned by Margaret Layne who left a sum amount of $200,000 and a 3-bedroom house after her death. The cat started getting numerous death threats after the death of her owner and thus, she was shifted to a safe location.

8. Tina and Kate


Nora Hardwell had two pets named as Tina and Kate. The owner of these pets passed away and left a sum amount of about $1 million with a lavish 5-acre property for the dogs.

9. Trouble


Trouble is a dog owned by Leona Helmsley. This dog is another richest pet of the world having a net worth of about $1.2 million as left for him by his owner. His owner was never interested in having the grandchildren and thus, she owned a dog.

10. Flossie


Flossie is such a lucky dog having a net worth of about $1.3 million. She earned such a great fortune when she intentionally saved the life of her owner.

11. Bubbles


You may be surely aware of the most popular, Michael Jackson, right? He owned a pet chimpanzee named as Bubbles. The pet gets a net worth of about $2 million after his death.

12. The Trekkie Dogs


The Trekkie Dogs have a net worth of about $4 million after the death of their owner Majel Barrett. The dogs were then taken care by one of Majel’s employees.

13. Pontiac


This Pontiac owns a net worth of about $5 million and owned by Betty. She was very much busy in working for her show hot in Cleveland but yes, left such a great sum for her dog.

14. Gigoo the Chicken


Not only cats and dogs but here is a chicken too which is also known as one of the richest pets in the world. The name of this chicken is Gigoo having a net worth of about a $10 million. The owner of this Gigoo was Miles Blackwell who was fond of having a hen.

15. Tommaso


Here, it is about a cat named as Tommaso owned by Maria Assunta who left a net worth of about $13 million with numerous properties for the cat.

16. Frankie, Ani, and Pepe


These are the names of a dog and 2 cats, having a net worth of about $16 million. They became the richest pets in the world after the death of their owner.

17. Blackie


This cat has its name being registered in the most reputed, Guinness Book of World Records as the richest cat in the world. She owns a net worth of about $25 million.

18. Oprah’s Pets -


Apart from being a famous TV host and actress, Oprah is also famous for her love towards animals. She is presently having five dogs out of which two named Luke and Layla are of Golden Retriever breed, One is of a cocker spaniel breed named Sadie and the rest two are Sunny and Lauren of springer spaniels breed. She declared a net worth of about $30 million for her pets after her death.

19. Toby Rimes - A poodle


Toby Rimes owned by Ella Wendel who passed away in about 1932. The dog got a massive fortune with a net worth of $92 million by his owner.

20. Gunther - The German Shepherd Dog


Have you ever heard about the Gunther Dog? Yes, he is one of the richest dogs on earth who belongs to German shepherd breed and has the maximum net worth of $372 million as compared to the other pets. You can call him a millionaire for sure.

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