What Are The Toughest Jobs In India?

Published on: 3/08/18 9:42 AM

Toughest Jobs In INDIA

We all feel the job we do is the toughest but the reality is the other way round. What we do is not that difficult as compared to the job these professionals do. Let’s know what are those jobs that are tough than you think.

Army Officer


Being an army officer is the toughest job as you have to give up not just for your family but have to forget about every near and dear. And prepare yourself for the world and protect them from getting attacked. They have to give up on health, sleep, celebrations, technology, gadgets, ordering delicious food, watching cricket and enjoying vacations with family. The only job that is filled with more sacrifice as a return.



Mother is the toughest job a person can do. As it comes with a bag full of responsibilities and tonnes of sacrifice. As you have to give up on your health, sleep,


Career as Farmer is toughest it gets in India

Being a farmer is not easy as you have to take care of your farm every second. As they can’t afford to lose the crop harvest that is mostly ruined by fluctuating weather of India. As a result, many farmers are unable to recover the cost of their investment and due to the unforeseen natural event, they suffer huge losses. Due to which some farmers also commit suicide.

Lok Sabha Speaker

Everyone in India know how tough it gets for a Lok Sabha Speaker

Being a Lok Sabha Speaker is not less than a task. When so many educated people join the meeting. There is not just an exchange of ideas but there are more dispute and arguments than agreements. A speaker is supposed to maintain a disciple that is often not complied with, by most of the members.


Why being journalist is a tough job in India

Being a Journalist comes with responsibilities and roles. as they are responsible for delivering the rightful, needful and un-tampered information.



Being a doctor is not less than a task. As you are not just liable to the good health of the patient but is also liable for saving the life of the patient. That is not less than a miracle in itself. So we should respect them and their job as what they do is not something easy.

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