‘Two Mouths, Three Eyes,’ See The Strange Creature Confusing Everyone

Published on: 10/04/17 5:10 AM

New Delhi:  A Spanish woman's photos and videos of a strange animal are steadily going viral on social media. On February 13, Lujan Eroles posted two videos and a photo of a tiny caterpillar that looked like a snake and seemed to have two heads and three eyes on her Facebook page. "Can somebody tell me what this is? Two heads, three eyes and weird skin," she wrote. The post has since then amassed reactions and comments from thousands of people trying to puzzle out what the creature is.

The guesses ranged from 'severed snake tail' to a pokemon. Some people suggested that it was a 'mutant' of some kind. However, netizens soon determined that the creature was actually a caterpillar - an elephant hawk moth caterpillar, to be precise. These caterpillars, when startled, often assume the 'snake pose' by drawing their trunk into their front body segment. This disguise wards off predators.

Since being shared online, the post has collected almost 2 lakh shares and over 6,000 reactions. A lot of people have commented saying that the caterpillar looks terrifying. "Nature, you scary," says one commenter.

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