Things That Prove Dog’s Are The Best Creation Of God Based On The Roles They Perform!

Published on: 2/05/18 12:15 PM

Facts To Feel Blissful About Having A Dog

Here are some facts that actually prove that dogs are God’s best creation amongst all pets. Facts that prove a dog is human with lots to offer to mankind despite just being the best pet. Let’s take a look at the well known & newly developed 10 types of service dogs helping mankind.

1. Mobility Assistance Dogs


They are trained to help physically disabled ones as they support owner in tasks such as- carrying, picking up objects, pulling wheelchairs, opening doors, retrieving cordless phones and performing daily work on similar line. Dogs are often taught to help their owners pull the chair up a ramp, if necessary.

2. Diabetes Service Dogs


These dogs are taught to recognize symptoms and alert their owners in time to avoid a medical emergency. These specially trained dogs are often able to help people with type 1 diabetes to return to a normal, active life. Symptoms of diabetes are- stomach cramping, nausea, dizziness, and even seizures when their blood sugar level drops.

3. Cancer Detection Dogs


Basis the research canines can spot smell of perpetual cancers as well. These dogs can detect these just by smelling the breath or the urine samples.

4. Guide Dogs Are A Blessing In Disguise


These dogs are trained to assist blind people which help the visually impaired to move safely around obstacles. Guide dogs are pleasing dogs that can help you guide path if you can’t see the world.

5. Hearing Dogs Alert You From Threat


Dogs that have hearing power can save you from the pains even if you are not blessed with hearing power. They warn their owner by leading him or her to the source of the sound irrespective of the degree of severity. When the owner is out in public, the deaf learn to pay attention to the reactions of their dog and take clues from him. If the dog stops suddenly, his owner is prompted to do the same.

6. Therapy Dogs


Its helpful for curing the autistic people as the innate temperament of a dog is gauging the mood of the owner by looking at his eyes, adding value to the purpose of providing therapeutic care. Its famous for providing comfort, affection, and helps in improving the well being of the user.

7. Service Provider Dogs


These dogs are service provider dogs that protect, help and have a build in alarm to save people. Dogs can sense changes and can alert the owner to predefined signals and gestures well in time.Yes, these dogs are born with the sixth sense.

8. Military Dogs


Dogs are trained to perform explosive and narcotics detection, search and rescue operations too. Military dogs include the sense of smell, hearing, vision, and aggressiveness motivation to please.

9. Herding Dogs


Dogs are easy to train to help them make excellent watchdogs. Not all herding breeds are naturally expert herders as some can have their skills.

10. Health Assistance Dogs


These dogs serve people with psychiatric disorders like acute anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia which help their owner at home and in public places. They perform tasks like giving reminders for medication, act as an alarm and cope with emotional overload. These dogs act as a physical barrier to guard their owner.

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