The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Smartness Habits!!!

Published on: 27/08/18 1:14 PM

Let Us Incorporate Some Smartness!

Having knowledge about something is not smartness. Its when a person decides to learn about something for upgrading their knowledge and not showing it off to the world. Let’s know these hacks to incorporate a smarter life.

Limit Your Screen Time


In the era of technology, its difficult for others to understand and confine their time in the mobile phone. As every age group is busy with phones these days and are taking it for granted as well. Beyond liking the post of others and watching Netflix you have tonnes of options to do. As the web is full of information capable of helping you learn something new.

Smarter Circle


It might be tough to walk with people smarter than you, but its a clever decision. Your IQ is the average of five people you hang around with.



Reading seems essential as it boosts brain with suggestions ranging from developing a daily newspaper habit reading fiction as well as a nonfiction novel.

New Language

Learn New Language - Best Method to look Smart

For mastering a language you don’t need to travel abroad. All you need to do is “surf the internet” to learn a new language. And doing so you can add an item to your list of qualifications, formally called as a resume.

Get Trained


You can get yourself trained in learning some basic requirements like- cooking, painting, driving, etc. So, you can help yourself with some basic needs that are essential for survival.

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