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Published on: 30/08/18 9:51 AM

What Are Those Blunders That You Must Stop Committing In Your Relationship?

Each one of us wishes to have the perfect bonding. But few couples have only taken pains to keep the spark alive in their bonding. Do you know which acts of you or your partner are on the fence of becoming “no spark zone”? Are you aware of those acts that are diminishing the spark with every passing day? Let us know about those blunders and stop committing those mistakes now, and transform our acts in the right direction.

Trying To Change Each Other


If you only dream about changing your partner every day and night then you can never have a sparking love bond, no matter you do a love or arrange marriage. This is the most stupid act you can dare doing to your partners. Change is the law of nature and it will come at the right time for a right reason. But if you are the one driving them to change, just stop it their itself.  Love can only grow if you accept your partner with their flaws.

Disrespecting Differences


You might love TV Shows but your partner might be a great fan of sports or news, which is your most hated thing. But this doesn’t give you an edge to disrespect or undervalue his presence. What if his likes don’t match yours. No couple was a true copy of each other so it’s better you find reasons to unite for the similarity you share not the differences you have.

Third Party Interference


One of the biggest mistakes a couple can commit is allowing a third person to enter between them. As this act simply shows your bonding needs others to support to keep it going. As if you’ll part ways without that third person, which is untrue, isn’t it? So stop letting others speak between you both, end the third party habit.

Giving Space To Grudges


If you are a person good at piling up the issue and disagreements in your heart, this will only worsen your relationship. Let it go, forgive and move on. Giving space to grudges will only end the love between you both.

Arguing And Not Understanding


Most couples are seen arguing and end up not understanding each other. When couples fight they forget the basics and expand their scope for misunderstanding. Just to prove they are right and not concerned about making their point understood by the other.

Not Accepting Mistakes


Another trouble with couples lies in not accepting their mistake. As they don’t wish to see themselves in the negative light, so they fail to admit their mistakes. Relationships don’t die a natural death, they are murdered by our ego. If you give importance to ego you’ll end up with EGO, not with anybody.

Hinderance In Communication

Lack of Communication major relationship mistakes catastrophic for healthy bonding

Communication is an essential source that is as important as oxygen. So a bonding lacking this will soon come to an end. So finding reasons for not being there emotionally or physically when your partner wants you is the dangerous thing you can do. Ignoring your partners emotional as well as a physical need is like opening doors to the entry of a new person or new guest-mobile phone. That would support your partners need while you’ll be busy making money and as a result, will end up loosing on your partner. Everything is replaceable in this world, so take care of each other needs well, so that no one pops in between you both.

Family Planning Decision


It is possible you want a baby but your partner doesn’t want it soo early. And rather asks for some time to decide and stabilize her career. Then you should be the one who should understand and doesn’t push her to give up on career and be responsible for fulfilling your wish of having a family.  So, you should not rush to the conclusions as you might end up taking the wrong decision that will affect not just you but the baby as well.

No Time For Each Other


If you are busy giving the excuse that you have a busy life, it’s better you don’t marry. As being a person who is absent in her highs and lows will make her part ways with you. Because at the end your presence will matter not the presents you bring to cheer up for the plan you just failed executing because you failed to balance your office life. Marriage is an investment of life, so think twice before committing her with a YES.

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