Unbelievable Kitchen Appliances You’ll Love

Published on: 11/04/17 5:21 AM

Cooked too much spaghetti as usual? Let that be a thing of the past with a nifty Spaghetti Measurer. It tells you how much Spaghettiis enough for one to four people. Another variant is the aptly named 'I Could Eat a Horse' measurer, which does the same job whilst adding a dash of humour.

Securely stick an iPad to your fridge to listen to music in the kitchen, jot down shopping lists or view a recipe while cooking.


Tea for two please. Green tea for Mrs. Sharma and a red one for her husband? Fear not when you have a teapot that holds two different kinds of tea!

A One-Step Corn Kerneler that removes all the corn kernels in one swift motion!

Finally a coffee cup that tells people when it's safe to talk to you in the morning.

Imagine a machine that churns out rotis at will. Just add flour, water and oil to dedicated slots in the Rotimatic machine, and it kneads, rolls and makes rotis automatically! There are also options for oil, thickness and roast levels.


A toaster that not only comes with a message board to write notes on but with the ability to toast the message on the bread itself!


the unlikely event of you not finishing a bag of chips, this tool re-seals the bag and locks in the flavour and freshness.


Moms will love this. Keep an item in the safe, set the timer and the safe won't open till the timer reaches zero. Time to build that much hated practice of self-control, kids.

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