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Unfortunate Names Indian Parents Should Never Give Their Children

Published on: 14/03/20 7:15 PM

Bad Name -funniest Indian names
Unfortunate Baby Names

When it comes to bad baby-naming, Indians are uncontested. We have some pretty bad names in our name-archive for sure, like Kaikayi, or Jagatjanani. But do Indian parents ever think of the impact a bad name can have on their child? Do they think of the horrifying future which is complimentary with their bad name?

Parents! If you want to give bad names to your children, you might as well not give birth to them at all.

Following are those names that a baby shouldn’t get even in his worst nightmares.

  • Pornika

Alright, Alright! We get it. Only a Bengali would pronounce it like that. But you never know. What if your kid grows up and has to go to West Bengal. What then? Even if she has to stay there for, like, a day, you can’t expect her to go an entire day without being called that at least once. And god forbid if she stays there…

  • Santulan

Imagine your kid all grown up, goes to hang with his friends. And his friends ask him, “Aur Santulan, theek hai?”. How is that not cruelty towards your child?

  • Boobisha

Yeah, that’s a name. We did not make this up. It’s true.

  • Deep

Oh come on people! Let’s not pretend anymore that we don’t know English at all. Even a 6th standard student who can barely speak fluent English understands knows the meaning of this word.

God forbid if the kid wants to go abroad.

  • Deepshit

Speaking of Deep, if that is unfortunate, this one’s just unforgivable. If you name your son Dipshit or Deepshit or however way you want to spell it, he is in some really Deep Shit.

  • Hardik

Please don’t name your son Hardik. There are millions of names out there, but a whopping 50% chance that he would want to go abroad. With that name, he ain’t gonna survive.

  • Gopi

What’s wrong with that name? Divide the name in two, and you will see.

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