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Unhygienic foods served to the passengers by Indian railways, reports CAG.

Published on: 22/07/17 2:22 PM

Food stuff was lying uncovered in a place which is filled with insects, flies, cockroaches and rats.


Indian Railways caught off-guard by CAG. CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) has labelled the food served by the Indian Railways to the passengers as “unfit for human consumption”.

According to the report, unpurified water, directly from the tap, which is hardly cleaned, were used in making the foods and beverages that are being served to the passengers. Food stuff was lying uncovered in a place which is filled with insects, flies, cockroaches and rats. The waste bins were also uncovered and were hardly cleaned.


Apart from the germ-ridden environment, the audit has also stated that the leftover rotis and rice were reheated and served to passengers, and also, the “shelf-expired packaged and bottled items” were also sold at a Maximum Retail Price which was much higher than the open market. 

The catering policies have been changed thrice since 2005. The last change was done this February. According to CAG, this frequent change of catering policies has resulted to this mismanagement of the service.  It is believed that the higher railway officials are involved in this foul play. 

The infrastructure of the base kitchen, static catering units, etc., were too poor and the India Railways have also failed to maintain the safety guidelines of the pantry car. Moreover, the catering service was not producing any bills to the customer neither any menu card is given, reports CAG. 


CAG report said “Blueprint for the provision of catering services was not prepared in seven Zonal Railways. The policy of progressive switch over from gas burners to electric power equipment in pantry cars to avoid the occurrence of fire accidents in trains was not followed while manufacturing the pantry cars in Integral Coach Factory, Perambur,”  


Instead of the hike in railway fare and services, the health and safety of the passenger are compromised by Indian Railways. To get the tender, the catering services offer a lump sum commission to the higher railways officials. 

It’s the general people that suffer the consequences of corruption. It’s is the life of thousands of passengers that are being played with. Many people on social networking sites have raised their voice over this matter and are asking to boycott railway foods. 


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