Finger Guard For Chopping Veggies

Finger Guard - Innovative Utility Item

A steel knife guard is available for guarding fingers while chopping veggies for your loved ones. For the homemakers, you deserve a protection shield above your fingers. So buy this shield for you beautiful fingers from here.

Hair Clogging The Drainage

Innovative products - Drainage Hair Clogging Solution - Amazon Shopping

Its a good cleaning agent for girls that prefer a clean washroom and hate collecting after wash hair clogging at the drainage. This hair clogger gets the work done for you by fitting inside the drainage and collecting those wash off hairs to support the easy collection of hairs. You can get this product from here.

Phone Case Having Card And Money Wallet

Sometimes we require a phone case that is multi-functional in nature. This case has space for card and money wallet as well. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet along with your phone as your phone cover has everything. You can get this product from here.

Page Holder

For book lovers that are habitual of reading the entire book having wide pages. This page holder helps in expanding the pages of the book that is closely bound. This page holder comes in all sizes and can be purchased from here.

Digital Coin Counter

Insanely Cool Products - Digital Coin Counter - Available on Amazon

For those who have been stacking coins from sometime can get this coin box. In this box, you can stack your coins and get the exact count of coins stored in this box. This box has a LED display to keep track of money collected in this coin bank. You can get this counter for yourself from here.