Various Sauces That Can Make The Dishes Even More Delicious..!!

Published on: 18/06/18 8:53 AM

Sauces That Can Make It More Delicious..!!

Do you know there are some sauces that can help you enhance your dishes? Yes, these recipes are like a savior as they will save you from the worst tasting dishes. If you don’t agree with us know about these sauces that we have been eating but are unaware of its composition.


Types of Sauces - Recipe that make food delicious - Hummus

Hummus is most loved by the vegan, as the taste of this sauce makes everyone fall for it. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it even more delicious. The thicker version is used in form of dip for snacks. If extra vegetable oil is added to this thicker form it makes a perfect sauce for- fries, dumplings, rolls, and chicken tenders.

Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco Sauce Recipe

It’s like a hot sauce that includes tabasco pepper, vinegar and a pinch of salt. This sauce is mostly used as an add-on for seafood and cooking of meat. Being Thick and flavourful, this sauce can add flavors to your snacks to make them even more tempting and fulfiling.

Ranch Sauce

Types of Sauces - Ranch Sauce Recipe

You might have heard about the Mayonnaise but have you heard about Ranch sauce? Its popular in America for its typical flavor. It’s a healthy sauce that won’t harm your body so most moms have given it a place in their refrigerator. You can use this sauce as a dip as well as add the same to your pizza crust.

Sriracha Sauce

DIY Sauces list - Sriracha Sauce recipe

Sriracha sauce is a blessing for all spicy food lovers as this sauce makes you crave for spices even more. Its rich in flavor and is healthy for consumption. Its ingredients include- chili peppers and capsaicin, that Helps in weight loss and boosting the metabolism of the body.

Salsa Sauce

Sauces List - salsa sauce recipe

Are you a tomato lover? Yes. The tangy taste of this sauce is a treat for you. The basic ingredients of this sauce include- tomato, onions, cilantro, lime juice, beans as well as peppers. Some people also use it in other forms by adding some mint or herb to the rich taste.

Soya Sauce

soya sauce recipe

We all have tasted this sauce once in our lifetime. Its ingredients mainly include-roasted grains, fermented soybeans, salt, and water.  If you wish to have a healthy intake a rich diet go for a plate of steamed noodles with soy sauce to enjoy a delicious meal. You can add it to your rice, wraps, and curries. It’s healthier than you could even imagine.

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