Visit These Countries If You Are Looking For Quality Living!

Published on: 11/05/18 10:05 AM

Can You Guess What Are Those Countries Offering A Quality Living?

Do visit these places if you are planning to visit the country that offers a quality living, do drop by these countries. As they have much to offer despite quality standard of living.

1- Canada

As per Best Countries, Canada Ranks First in offering Quality of Life. It has $1.5 trillion GDP,  36.3 million population, and $46,441 GDP/Capita. It’s the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canadians are proud of themselves as they encourage citizens to honor their cultures.

2- Denmark

Based on the Best Countries, Denmark ranks second in the list of quality of living. It has $306.1 billion GDP 5.7 million population, and  $48,230 GDP/Capita. Its the hub of several leading industries like- food processing, tourism, production of iron, steel, and machinery. They are the main exporter of processed food, agriculture product, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, and furniture. It has the highest income tax rate, while their corporate tax rate is 24.5 percent.

3- Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden is one of the largest countries in the European Union by land mass.
As per the Best Countries, Sweden has $511.0 billion GDP, 9.9 million population, and  $49,759 GDP/capita. It has much to offer despite standard of living.

4- Norway

Norway is the safest country. And the only danger in Norway is “the Weather“. The adverse environmental conditions make it prone to high temperature. As per the Best countries list ranks its fourth in terms of quality of living. As it has $370.6 billion GDP 5.2 million Population and $69,407 GDP/capita.

5- Austraila

Australia is one of the wealthy nations that have high GDP and per capita income. Austraila ranks fifth in terms of quality of living as per the Best countries list. It has a $1.2 trillion GDP 24.1 million population, and $48,712 GDP/capita. This country is active in sports activities and has a high life expectancy rate of both genders. The voters in 2017, asked for legalizing same-sex marriage, as a result, it was brought to the notice of federal lawmakers.

6- Switzerland

According to CIA World Factbook -Switzerland has less unemployment, skilled labor, highest GDP per capita. It has low corporate tax and prides itself on a diversity of Switzerland. It has $659.8 billion GDP 8.4 million Population and $60,374 GDP/capita. All language here has equal national status be it German, French, Italian and Romansh. As per the Best countries list, Switzerland ranks the sixth country that offers the quality of living.

7- Finland

Finland is a bilingual country, where Finnish and Swedish both are official languages. Basis the Best countries list it ranks seventh for offering quality living. It has $236.8 billion GDP 5.5 million population, and $42,261 GDP/capita. Last year, Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence. This is the first country that granted women with a right to vote, that also became the first country to legalize universal suffrage.

8- Netherland

It has $770.8 billion GDP 17.0 million population and  $51,249 GDP/capita. In 1815 the Kingdom of the Netherlands emerged. In 2010, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten were the constituent countries while Dutch Antilles was dissolved.

9- New Zealand

Its the major exporter of- abounding with dairy, sheep, beef, poultry, fruit, vegetables and wine. New Zealand ranks ninth in the list for offering a quality of living. It has $185.0 billion GDP, 4.7 million population and $37,165 GDP/capita.

10- Germany

Germany is the largest economy in the world. Its economy is one of the world’s largest economy. And this country is a global leader in import and export. It offers services like- telecommunications, health care and tourism, etc. It ranks tenth on the Best countries list for offering high quality of living. $3.5 trillion GDP  82.7 million POPULATION  $48,449 GDP PER CAPITA, PPP

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