Do Watch The Video Of Vietnam’s Magical Golden Bridge That Is Breathtakingly Beautiful..!

Published on: 24/07/18 11:21 AM

Golden Bridge On Top Of Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills In Vietnam

Do you know what’s so special about this bridge? You might be thinking why this specific bridge is seeking attention so much? Here we have all the answers to your questions. Read the complete article to know more about this beauty. If a place is fascinatingly built and consists of architecture whether modern or historic it is bound to attract visitors and tourist from all over the globe.

Da Nang Golden Bridge

This bridge is not less than a magnet as it attracts people to this place and is now opening doors for tourism to Vietnam. An architecture that is indicative of beauty with a perfect blend of man and machine. It’s a new attraction bringing exciting feelings for visitors while coming here.

specialty of Golden Bridge Vietnam

This bridge is called Cau Vang (golden bridge) that is situated on top of Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills, in Vietnam and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Hands Thanos in Full View

Golden Bridge has a height more than 1,400m above sea level and is 150m long having 8 spans. These hands are called as “hands Thanos” full of affectionThe bridge rests on two giant artificial hands that seem like supporting the golden bridge.

Check Out The Image Of- “Bridge To Heaven

Bridge to Heaven - Vietnam Ba Na Hills

The specialty of this bridge is that it easily attracts visitors to this place with its beautiful ambiance and classy making.

The bridge is known for crossing 8 lakh views and becoming a viral sensation in just one day. And is loved for its tastefully constructed bridge that is bridging hearts around the globe. Hands touching the clouds is worth capturing the moment. It looks like a strip of road hanging in the sky that is supported by just two hands.

To make the bridge more alluring it has Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers that add color to the pathway of the bridge to make it even more appealing to eyes.

This bridge video went viral yesterday for its beautiful making and serene appearance. Its build at such a height that a person might feel dizzy standing at such height.

A girl walking on the golden bridge and enjoying the natural beauty.
She must be feeling like- “A Walk To Remember Amid The Clouds”.

This place is a must visit for Travellers that are striving to seek New Adventure. You can watch the complete video
of this bridge here.


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