Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer!

Published on: 2/06/18 6:08 PM

Stay Hydrated This Summer…!!

It becomes a task to keep yourself hydrated especially in summer. And with the increasing temperature, it’s becoming difficult to keep oneself hydrated. So let us know what are those tricks that can help in maintaining the water proportion in our body.

Exercise Is Needed


Its necessary to stay fit in the fast-changing world. So have a little bit of exercise on your daily task list. As you need to be free from lazy vibes and to be charged and active individual.

Light Food Intake

This summer doesn’t strive for eating more as it will only increase fat in your body and won’t give you any supplement. So don’t unnecessarily exert your tummy with food rich in fat as it will make you lazy and useless. Instead, opt for salads and light food. Cheese and fried food should be completely boycotted from food list as it won’t be easily dissolved. So choose your food wisely that is easy for your digestive system.

Increase Intake Of Fruits and Veggies

refreshing drinks for summer

To embrace a healthy diet is essential to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. As an ideal body is hydrated. So have lots of fruits, veggies this summer. Things that will keep you hydrated are namely- watermelons, papaya, cucumber, lemon, as well as mangoes. As watermelon is rich in water content that helps you cool and hydrated.

Dress Up In Loose Clothes

In summer don’t opt for tight fitted clothes as it will affect your blood circulation. Give your skin the space to breathe as well. So ditch those synthetic dresses and go for wearing cotton. Don’t forget to cover yourself while heading out in the sun.

Say No- To Caffeine And Alcohol

say no to caffeine in summer to beat the heat

Do you know the content of soda and caffeine is responsible for actually dehydrating your body? Intake of these will only increase the heat in your body and end up dehydrating your body. The flushed faces are an outcome of the dehydrated body. So to be hydrated you need to refill your body with water supplies that can fuel energy.

Carry A Sunscreen

Don’t forget to carry a sunscreen that has an SPF higher than 15. Apply it before leaving home as it will help your skin from protecting against the harmful UV rays.

Take Cold Shower

cool shower - summer heat natural remedy

The quickest way to cool down is to step into a cold water shower. I promise nothing can refresh you as much as the water. Washing your feet and face with cold water before you go to bed also works well.

Avoid Taking Ice Tea

During summer one shouldn’t practice drinking cold ice tea as it’s only responsible for making toxins and not for converting food into energy. Instead look for better and refreshing options like- buttermilk, aam panna, etc. As these will help you maintain a good health. This soaring summer, the weather is going haywire.

Don’t Choose Peak Summer Hours

keep hydrated in summerSource

Stop going out during peak summer hours. Completely avoid going out when the heat is at its peak. The time range when summer is at its peak is from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. If you love walking and swimming, make sure you do it early.


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