Weird Tattoos That Broke The Internet On Seeing People Live With One !

Published on: 10/05/18 11:17 AM

We Bet These Tattoos Will Give You The Goosebumps!

Most people believe tattoos are a choice of a person living in past. But the reality is different from this as its a choice of a dreamer who wishes to ink themself to bring out their real personality. Getting inked is fun but some people took it wrong and got inked with weird Tattoos that broke the internet on seeing people live with such tattoo. Dear reader, fasten your seat belts as we are going to land in the “Danger Zone of Tattoos” that went into heated controversies and broke the internet with its heat. Are you ready??

1-Scary Face Tattoo


What came to his mind before getting inked like this? A person who doesn’t aim to get hired and not work in a company will only get inked on their face with this stupid tattoo. Feels scary, isn’t it?? This gives us the real definition of the disease called insomnia, caused to a person after seeing this person for real.

2- Neck Full Of Stitches


I hope this person get proper medication and soon recover from being so psychic. A person who wishes to demonstrate a life is full of pain and suffering and be a charity case begging for attention will only get such pukish tattoo inked on their body. I know you can feel this tattoo on your neck just by watching it! But don’t worry luckily we are not insane like him. We are blessed to fight the worst phase of life without needing a tattoo for this reason.

3-A Burning Church


A burning church demonstrates the end of the good over evil. This tattoo depicts a church set on fire showing a devil at the root of the church showing the witches pentagram (pentagram-represents the five wounds of Jesus ). This tattoo haunts us with the fact that there is goodness ending like a stock of goods and its the need of the hour to save our stock from being stock out else you will be burning in hell until eternity!

4- Dark Circle Of Spider Web


Remeber the bedtime freeze moments when you couldn’t move?? A feeling of a spider crawling on your body will give you those sleepless nights just by seeing into his eyes. Isn’t it insane to get inked on the sensitive part of the body? He can’t get in for a job that’s for sure as this explicitly shouts about his unemployment zone.

5-Brain of An Insane


This man proves the saying a man goes insane when surrounded by deep thoughts and feelings. A brain of insane is the perfect depiction of this tattoo which can be inked on the head only by a crazy head. The tattoo projects a brain that’s most misunderstood because of dark mind a person possesses. If unzipped, a  brain that is full of shit will explode that you won’t be able to handle nor accept. This tattoo is undoubtedly a red flag for people who wish to showcase a good personality.

6-Extra Eye


Isn’t it scary like hell?? It can make you freak out just with a glance. What might have stricken this man while getting inked with such tattoo on the neck? I bet none could wish to get something permanently like this especially on their body part.  It makes you scream, isn’t it?? But maybe this guy to be eye lover or might be in love with large eyeball under his chin. It can undoubtedly frighten small children and make them freak out or even burst into tears if such man shouts at them flaunting his not so appealing tattoo.

7-Neck Engraved With Great Horned Owl


Here comes another crazy head who gets inked on the most sensitive part of body-yes the neck area. He might be an owl lover who prefers to wake up at night even. He would be first mistaken of taming an owl on the neck but on zooming the neck a bit a person would encounter he wears it like an accessory. Seriously, what came to his mind before he ruined his neck? God bless the person with sanity to save him from being insane.

8-Belly Full Of Explosives


This person might have been a protector or might be fond of explosives. If this man is found he can be used to save our country from terrorist attacking a place. As his tattoo can be used to depict a human bomb having explosives tied on his belly. He can save the country with his idiotic tattoo and be an asset to the county. I hope this man protects his mind from getting trapped with worst tattoo ideas like this one.

9-Burned Face On Neck


What might have come to his mind that he got inked with “A burned face of a girl”? What is he is trying to prove with this tattoo? Being in love with a girl is still acceptable and getting it inked is damn acceptable. Because a man who couldn’t hear a “No” from a girl with the only dare to go devilish and ending up spoiling her face. If he wishes to say he cant stand a no of a girl he should better get inked with something else, not this face showing pain.

10-Puff Of Love Bites


Love bites have been a proof of love since ages. What if these love bites look like a disease?? Whose symptom pop up on your body exhibiting the pleasure you gained out of that bite. If you love them don’t get it inked like this. Instead, ask your lover to give you one.

11- X-Ray Of The Baby


She might be excited to see the baby live so her motherly instinct made her do this creepy act. But girl its time you grow up and go for posting baby photos instead of getting inked on your body. Tattooing an x-ray vision of an unborn baby on your stomach. It seems like drunk driving and hitting a pillar and loosing upon sanity.

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