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What And Why Do Women Gossip So Much?

Published on: 19/03/20 9:30 AM

  1. Badmouthing a potential rival 

Why do Women Gossip - Popular Gossiping Topic

For women, gossip is a great way to gain an advantage over their potential rival; familiarity amongst common peers. If a woman sees someone who is a potential threat In her career, or her sexual territory, she might start slowly planting the idea in their head that the new person is a bit off.

  1. Goss about other women’s looks

Why do Women Gossip - Other women looks -Gossipmonger

Women gossip about the looks of other women, especially if her appearance is a potential  threat.

The appearance of another woman could attract men’s attention. In such a scenario, the woman may gossip because she needs to feel secure that the appearance of the other woman wouldn’t negatively impact her own future in any way.

If it does, then she will be empathized with by the other gossip mongers, who feel the same.

  1. Gather more information

Why do Women Gossip - Why Girls Gossip - Popular Gossiping Topic

Sometimes gossip mongers gossip at numerous locations to accumulate information about a potential threat. Collecting information about a rigid boss or a chatty peon may provide beneficial material in the future.

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