What Are The 5 Common Types Of Eating Disorder?

Published on: 26/04/18 1:10 PM

Eating Disorders are quite common among the American women. There are more than 20 million women who have or had some sort of eating disorder. This health condition can be described through disturbed eating habits.

People get obsessed with fitness, foods, and also with a particular body shape. They try quite hard to achieve their goal and therefore they completely change their eating habits. The obsession with health and fitness may seem good, but you may have unknowingly developed a dangerous health issue. The Eating Disorders can affect your lifestyle and also result in death.

You may not know that you are suffering from some sort of eating disorder or not. Let’s check these types of eating disorders along with their symptoms to better assess your health condition.

Anorexia Nervosa

It is one of the most common types of eating disorders. It does not affect men as much as it affects to women. The patients think they are getting overweight in this condition, but in reality, they are underweight. People may stop eating to achieve their fitness goals and it can badly affect their health.


  • Restricted eating patterns
  • Being underweight in comparison to other individuals of the same age
  • Too much obsession with a particular body shape
  • Changing the whole lifestyle to get thinner.

Bulimia Nervosa

It another dangerous eating disorder because of which Amy Winehouse lost her life. This disorder also develops during the adolescence and it may last for many years if not treated well. People suffering from this type of eating disorder try to consume a large amount of food within a very short period. Of course, the patients understand that they are eating too much and therefore they try to purge the extra eaten meals.

  • Binge eating habit
  • Eating many times a day
  • Inappropriate purging habit
  • Fear of weight gain

Binge Eating

A recent study shows that Binge Eating is the most common eating disorder in the North American countries. All the symptoms of this type of eating disorder are same as the symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa. Once the patient starts eating, he or she tries to finish the meal within the shortest possible time. It is different from previous two types because the patient never gets worried about the calories and binges.

  • Rapid eating habit
  • Trying to eat larger chunks
  • No control over eating habits
  • Trying to avoid people because of the feeling of distress



It was not considered as an eating disorder for a long time. The DSM recently announced PICA as an eating disorder because the patients like to eat everything excepting the meals. This health issue can occur at any age and therefore you should beware of it.

  • Eating non-food products
  • Avoiding meals to eat Ice, Soil, etc

Rumination Disorder

It is one of the newly recognized eating disorders. The patients suffering from this disorder try to regurgitate and the meal they had 30 min before, chew it, and then either swallow or throw it out. The infants, kids, teens, and even adults can also develop this disorder.

  • Constantly regurgitation the meal
  • A quick weight loss
  • Chapped lips
  • Tooth decay and bad breath issue







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