What Are Those Seven Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person?

Published on: 23/07/18 5:05 PM

What Are Those Strange Things That Happen
To A Spiritually Gifted Person?

How many of you know that some humans encounter some strange things in their life that we might find CRAZY? When your friend says- I think the climate will change and it will rain..!! You think your friend is crazy as you see a sunny season outside and so you don’t believe them. But when it rained you blamed it to a “Wild Guess”. But do you know its a sign of gifted only they can sense a climate change not all? To know more let’s read the entire article to know whether we are one of them or do we know someone who belongs to this zone. Let’s know who are spiritually gifted and what are those signs that define.

Spiritually Gifted

A person who possesses an outstanding ability to surpass outcome and aims to unite people and not divide them basis cast, place or mother tongue, etc. A spiritually gifted soul strives for healing others and not hurt them.

Strange Things That Happen To A “Spiritually Gifted”


1. New Moon And Full Moon Night


A spiritually gifted person encounters some strange events and one of them is “Difficulty To Sleep At Night“. They feel restless at night and despite being heavy with eyes they face difficulty tossing to sleep. Especially when it’s a new moon or a full moon night as then MOON is Strongest. They face difficulty sleeping between 3.00-4.00am, also called as the witching hour. In this duration of one-hour, magical powers grow stronger-either weird things start to happen or magical activities suddenly boost. If you have encountered this you might be Spiritually Gifted.

2. Energy Encounter You At Night


If you face an energy encounter between 3.00-4.00am, you need to bow down to prayer or go for meditation. To let the powerful energy flow into you and restrict negative energy from entering your body. These energy encounter at night are sure signs of you being Spiritually Gifted.

3. Animals Are Drawn Towards You


We all know that animals can sense better than humans. Be it emotions, or natural sensing power.  If you have encountered animals drawn towards you its because the could sense your “powerful aura”. Animals gravitate towards a Spiritually gifted as they feel weird in your presence so they could bark at you for no reason.

4. You Make Others Feel Safe

Spiritually Inclined Signs

A person possessing such a positive aura tend to make others feel safe. As their spiritual energy is positive and protective not only for them but for people surrounding them. Your emotions are linked to your aura, so you affect physical surrounding with your real self.

5. Face Difficulty Controlling Emotions


You try really hard pal, to keep your emotions in check. And try to monitor those emotions regularly as you have intense emotions. Such emotions can break you or mold you into a stronger version of you.

6. Stranger Are Attracted Towards Them

Characteristics of Spiritually Gifted to Attract Strangers

If you see weird and different kind of people getting drawn towards you, it might be because you are a spiritually gifted soul. All strange things have you in it as you are seeing facing things no one faces except you. Such a person attract a person that needs help or healing in life. As these strong-willed and positive souls are capable of healing and changing things, that none could ever imagine.

7. Could Sense Weather And Energy

Spiritually Inclined Person can Sense Energy around and Weather Changes

Such a person can sense a storm before its happening and can sense climatic changes like a human weather forecast that is capable of deducing the weather, storm or even presence of energy in a room. They can also sense a negative energy as they are walking powerhouse of positivity so they could easily detect who is worth the connect. Moreover, can also sense a bad happening in their surrounding and even before entering the room.

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