What Exactly Is This New Feature For Group Chat On WhatsApp?

Published on: 17/05/18 12:58 PM

What’s up WhatsApp?

Groups have been an important part of the WhatsApp experience, whether it’s family members connecting across the globe or childhood friends staying in touch over the years. There are also people coming together in groups on WhatsApp like new parents looking for support, students organizing study sessions, and even city leaders coordinating relief efforts after natural disasters. Today, we’re sharing improvements that we’ve made to groups.

What’s New?

The New thing about this WhatsApp is that it has given you an update on many things like-

Feature 1- Group Description

With the help of this new feature, a short description of the purpose, mission or topic can be added to the group. And when a new person joins the group, they can see the description written on the chat.

Feature 2- Admin Control Panel

This feature in a group allows serving a group with a control panel that empowers admin. As the admin can restrict people from changing the group subject icon as well as a description.

Feature 3- Catch Up On Group

If you have been away from a phone for a while. Don’t worry and quickly catch up on messages from group chat having your mention. That you can reply by tapping on a new @ button that will appear at the bottom right corner of the chat.

Feature 4- Seach Participant

Do you know with the help of this new update you can now search for a specific participant? Yes, it’s as simple as typing a name. All you have to do is go to the group info page and type the name of participants on the group info page.

Feature 5- Power Of Admin

Admins were previously handicapped about revoking other admins powers. But now they can easily remove admin permissions of other group participants. As now creators won’t be removed from the group they created as they were the ones that started the group at first place?

Feature 6- A Strict Clause For People Who Keep Leaving Group

New features have also introduced features for protection. If someone played the game of group left they’ll be permanently removed from being added again to the groups they earlier left. So choose wisely before deciding to leave a group. These features will be available for both Android and iPhone users. Hope this version of WhatsApp rolls out soon incorporating these new updates!

Requesting Your Account Information Feature - Whatsapp 2018


A. Requesting Your Account Information

In the coming week terms and conditions of using WhatsApp will be changed. As you’ll be able to download your WhatsApp account information as well as its settings. The new feature called as Request Account Information will be available on WhatsApp latest update. It will help you to Request and export a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings. Examples- it includes your profile photo and group names.

Note: Your report doesn’t include your messages.
If you wish to export your chat history instead,
you can learn how its done with the help of these FAQ.

B. How To Requesting A Report?

It’s easy to get your report in just three simple steps.

1- First open WhatsApp and Go to WhatsApp Setting > Account > Request account info.
2- Then Click on the Request Report Option.
3- As soon as you click the Request Report you will see the Screen with an update Saying Request Sent. And the same will be available to you in approximately 3 days after the date requested. And will show- Your report will be available showing the date by which it will be ready.

Note: When your report request is pending, account ctions like deleting your account, changing number, re-registration of your account will cancel the request. But you can request for report again later.

Whatsapp Group Chat Feature 2018

C. How To Delete A Report?

Once the report is generated and downloaded to your phone you have an option to delete the copy downloaded permanently. Deleting the report will not delete any of your account’s data, so relax its safe to delete the report.

D. Can A Pending Report Request Be Cancelled?

A pending Report can’t be canceled or undone once initiated.

E. How To Download And Export A Report?

As soon as the report is ready it will be available for download and a WhatsApp notification will be sent to your phone stating: Your account info report is ready to download. This feature will tell about the time left to you for this reports download. Approximately a few weeks before it’s deleted from their servers.

F. You can Download It As Follows-

First go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Request account info > Download report.
Then a ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone. This file will have an HTML file easy to view, and a JSON file that could be ported to another app. As soon as the file is downloaded you can get an option to Export report. This downloaded file will not be visible on WhatsApp. And so you have to look for an external application to view this or even upload it to a server via email. As report includes your personal information, so be careful while storing, sending or uploading to other domains.

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