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What Is Blockchain Technology and Which Industries Have Already Implemented It?

Published on: 15/04/18 6:54 PM

blockchain technology in banking

The Blockchain technology was developed to offer a fair and transparent ledger of cryptocurrencies. It is widely used by the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users across the globe. This technology was originally meant to record and transfer the cryptocurrency transaction data to every connected node in the Blockchain. Thus, the data becomes safe, auditable, transparent, and resistant to outages.

Cryptocurrencies’ decentralized environment has been possible only because of Blockchain technology. It is the underlying technology that made bitcoin popular across the world. The experts analyzed this new technology and found it useful for other industries. Now many new industries are implementing the Blockchain technology to drive business value and gain a huge profit. Let’s find out which industries and organizations can benefit from Blockchain technology and how.

blockchain technology applications


Supply Chain Management

The implementation of blockchain technology in supply chain management can offer cost-effectiveness along with traceability. The suppliers can easily monitor the movement of goods, quantity, their origin, and delivery through the blockchain. The B2B ecosystem will get more transparent by implementing this technology. It will simplify some complex procedures such as ownership transfer, payments, and production procedure assurance.


The chances of data tampering and human errors reduce to a very low extent when the transactions are recorded through blockchain. All the records are verified through every single node in the blockchain. It ensures better accuracy of entered records without any error. In addition, the data recording in a blockchain produces a highly traceable audit trail.

Assurance Of Quality 

When you have implemented the Blockchain technology to manage the supply chain, it would be pretty simple to detect irregularity. The blockchain technology will lead you to the node of origin. You can investigate, find the faulty point, and take necessary actions to resolve the issue. The food product producing agencies can use the Blockchain technology to ensure the best quality to the clients. It will make tracking the origination, batch details, and other information about the order easier.

Bitcoin -Cryptocurrency-Peer-To-Peer Fund TransferSource

Foreign Money Transfer

There are many business organizations that operate in different countries or supplying their products to exotic locations. They require a system for objective trading in progressive countries and underdeveloped countries, where the small business owners do not get excellent banking solutions and working capital. IBM is one of the pioneering technology companies, which are trying to improve the Blockchain technology. It has recently announced a novel blockchain banking solution that will revolutionize the way financial institutions work. The financial institutions can quickly process the payments and offer very cost-effective transaction solutions.

Peer-To-Peer Fund Transfer Across The Globe

Bitcoin has emerged as a great option to fiat money that people use across the globe. The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies across the globe has shown that how simple it can be to transfer money anywhere across the globe. Transparent and safe transaction assurance makes blockchain technology an attractive choice for peer-to-peer fund transfer anywhere you want. The blockchain technology is still in the development phase. It was primarily introduced for the cryptocurrencies, but now many industries are trying to use it to meet their specific work demands. The blockchain is the future and every business would try to use in any possible way.

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