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What Is Communism And Which Are The Remaining Communist Countries?

Published on: 2/05/18 10:06 AM


Communism was introduced as the cure for the society in which the rich people get richer and the working class people face a lot of problems. It is a thought of a classless society in which all the resources and properties are conjointly owned by the society. The idea was to distribute all the resources simultaneously among all the citizens. Though not a single so-called communist country has been able to implement the idea of communism effectively.

Who had introduced the idea of communism?


Two German philosophers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had published a book during 1848, known as Communist Manifesto. This book had explained the idea of communism in a comprehensive manner. Marx and Engels had envisaged a society in which all the citizens in a communist country will get the total control of the power instead of a collective control. Today, there is no communist country that totally follows the idea of communist. Most of them seem like the socialist countries. Their leaders or dictators get richer whereas the proletariats get poorer and weaker.

Many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia had followed the idea of communism after the World War-2. Most of them soon turned into the capitalist nations. The Soviet Union had widely influenced other countries to follow communism. Russia had also turned into a capitalist country after the dissolution of Soviet Union. Now there are only a few so-called communist countries in the world. Those countries are as follows:

People’s Republic of China


China had turned into a communist country when Mao Zedong took control of the country. It was then called the People’s Republic of China. It is the only country that has tried to implement the idea of communism effectively, but it has also failed. China’s economic reforms and progress forced the rulers put Mao’s idea aside and do what is necessary for the country’s growth. There is only one political party, which is the Communist Party of China. It has always been in power and still, the CPC leaders are ruling the country.



The Soviet Union and Vietnam had encouraged a revolution during 1975 after which Laos had turned into a communist country. There are military generals who rule the country. They also support the one-party system like China. The rulers in this nation have always tried to follow the Marxism, but they did not succeed. The private ownership had begun during 1988 and now this country is a part of the World Trade Organization.



Cuba or Republic of Cuba was not a communist country before the 1959 Cuban Revolution. It was an armed revolt that turned Cuba into a communist country. Cuba had got closer to the Soviet Union after the Cuban Revolution and its relationships with the USA were deteriorated. It was the age of the Cold War when both USA and Russia were trying to prove their superiority. Since then Cuba remained a communist nation.

North Korea

If there is a country which is facing a lot of UN sanctions, it is North Korea. No doubt it is a communist nation, ruled by Kim Jong Un. Korea was dissolved into two nations during 1910, the USA backed South Korea and the Soviet Union backed North Korea. North Korea had applied communism during the 1950s and still it is a communist country. Nowadays, this country has become the biggest headache for the rest of the world because of its Batty dictator.



Renowned as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Vietnam is also a communist nation. It has been a true communist nation during 1976 and 1986. It was the time when the Vietnamese leaders had tried to apply all the rules of an ideal communist nation, but they failed. This country has seen a deadly war in which it was separated into two parts, North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was supported by the communist Soviet Union and South Vietnam was supported by the democratic USA. The US-backed Vietnam had lost the war and merged into the rest of the nation. Today, it is a communist nation but better than many other communist countries.

There is no communist party in the USA. It is illegal to create and join such a party. If you compare communist countries with the democratic nations, you will find that the democratic nations are more progressed and wealthier than the communist nations. Of course, China is an exception but it is also not a true communist nation. China’s economic reforms brought prosperity to this nation. All in all, we can say that communism is not viable in today’s world.


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