Why Fidget Spinners Were Actually Built? Is It Just A Toy Or Something More Important?

Published on: 11/05/18 12:50 PM

The fidget spinners are quite popular nowadays. It is an interesting toy that spins. That’s all it does whether you buy a small one or a large fidget spinner. Most of the people think it is a toy but that’s not the whole truth. The manufacturers claim that the fidget spinners can be used to treat ADHD, Anxiety, autism and many such issues.

There are so many special kids who need proper attention and care. These kids are suffering from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, and some other mental health issues. Their parents bought the fidget spinners and provided their kids with these new toys. It showed positive improvement in the behavior or autistic kids.

Why are schools banning fidget spinners if it is so useful?

why schools banned fidget spinner


People were not talking about the fidget spinners before 2016. These toys came in the market from nowhere. The manufacturer promoted these toys on the leading e-commerce platforms as the cure for ADHD, autism, and other psychological health issues.

As you know, great marketing skills can make anything important for the buyers. People read about fidget spinner and believed it will be a great cure for ADHD. Things were not concerning for the doctors and researchers while the fidget spinners getting popular. Mark Rapport is a clinical psychologist at the University of Central Florida. He believes that Fidget Spinner would distract the kids’ mind. This toy cannot work help the kids suffering from ADHD, according to Mark.

It is very difficult to say fidget spinners are totally useless. No researcher has studied the health benefits of fidget spinner yet. It means, all the other studies were performed to find out how moving body parts can help kids in concentrating well on their work. It would not be fair to speak in favor or against this toy.

However, the teachers are frustrated because of fidget spinners. Many schools in the United States of America have banned fidget spinners in the classroom. The teachers found it a frustrating toy because kids do not concentrate on what the teacher is teaching. It is an obvious reason to ban this toy but such actions are hurting the local toy retailers. Even some parents are not happy with banning fidgets. Their kids need to fidget so that he/she can concentrate and study. It is a controversy in which fidget spinners are involved and it is not going to resolve very soon.

The known benefits of fidget spinner

The fidget spinner has been around for two or three years. Doctors and therapists used sensory toys like Koosh balls, tactile discs, and clays to treat kids suffering from sensory-processing issues. A research conducted in 2015 supports the claim that movement can aid the kids suffering from ADHD in recovering fast. Many parents believe their autistic kids are doing better than before since they got the fidget spinner. They want to believe in this toy. Therefore, the negative results of some studies do not matter to them. Things will get clearer with time about fidget spinner’s benefits in curing critical issues like Autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc. For now, it is a great toy for kids, adults, and kids with special needs.


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