What Is Her Reasons Behind Staying Single?

Published on: 5/06/18 6:30 PM

Do You Prefer Being Single?

Why many girls prefer staying single than committed to someone? Is it difficult to commit or there are chapters that don’t let her believe in the statement of love and care? Most independent and successful women have been single although it doesn’t promote staying single its a fact people tend to be successful more when they are focussing just on themselves. And not on family pressure for marriage or guys asked for her review to get married. As she is a free bird that cant be caged and prefer not to be caged unless she is independent and financially established. For those who have been asking us for relationship advice from us, know that it that it’s You and Only You that owns the power to decide things for yourself. Here are some illustrated reasons why a girl prefers staying single until they find their KING has arrived.

Dedicate Time For Building A Future


Why should a girl get married so early without making a career for herself? Why does society keep defining what’s her age to get married? Is she a competition for you that you plan to chop her head in the name of marriage? Definitely, she is a competition and threat to your kids that’s why you wish to see her settled with someone so that she never gets up and stand for her dreams.

She Hates Someone Controlling Her Life


When we all have one life why don’t we have full ownership of it? Why the only man has it and why not females? She is equally independent still she is asked to seek permission and share her life plans. Giving little details like- what she will be wearing? and what will be her plan have no room in her life.

She Hates Sharing Her Food With Anyone As She Loves Food


A girl broken enough tend to love food more as its the only thing that will fix her heart and protect her from breaking emotionally and mentally. A girl that loves food was a girl that madly loved someone before she opted food over the relationship. At least there is no obligation to share food or make them eat with your own hand. Fuss-free life and food-filled stomach..yummy!!

I Can’t Tolerate Disloyalty And Affairs

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What bothers a loyal and independent girl is affairs and non-committing attitude that most man practice in real life. She hates the fact of being stabbed by her loved ones and that’s what protect her to trust men again. Affairs and seeking eyes attitude restricts her from searching a perfect mate as she has been stabbed more than reciprocated with the love she has been giving others for free.

My Top Priorities Don’t Include Being A Girlfriend Or A Wife..!


In a world where everyone is focused on life, how can you expect an ambitious girl to indulge in all this when she is already caught up with her work and priority list. Is it difficult for a focused career oriented girl to give you time from her busy schedule and pamper you with her care? Being someone’s wife or getting married is not on her priority list as she is committed to her dreams and herself. She can’t settle without being financially independent. As she believes staying single improves chances of success.

She Wishes To Invest Time In Travelling And Embracing Meaningful Friendships


She is a travel freak that aims adventure and not timepass feelings. She is deep to the core and cant tolerate games played to her. So she wishes to invest time with herself either traveling or embracing meaningful bonding with her crazy group of friends.

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