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What Is The Internet Of Things And Applications Currently Using It?

Published on: 1/05/18 11:38 AM

IoT products

The electronic product producing firms are trying their best to connect everything to the internet. People used to go online only via their PCs. Now Smartphones, smart watches, tabs, smart TVs, video game consoles and many other things can take you online.

The world is changing quite rapidly. Things are getting much smarter and the Internet of Things will turn into a reality by 2020. The IoT will be a network of physical devices including home appliances, vehicles, sensors, software, and other electronic devices. It will change the world we know today. All the internet connected things will produce a huge amount of data. Manufacturers, retailers, and service providers will use that data to help you in offering everything you need.

2020 is quite far. It does not mean that you have to wait that long to see the IoT enabled devices. Some companies have implemented IoT in their products. These IoT applications are performing really great. Let’s find out which are those IoT enabled applications.

Smart Homes

More than 60,000 people are searching for smart home every month. It is a term that defines how quickly people want to control their remotely. A smart home is a home equipped with heating, electronic devices, and lights that the owner can control remotely via a PC or Smartphone. The only way of doing that is connecting everything to the internet. It will become a reliable within the next two years.

internet of things enabled applicationsSource

The Samsung SmartThing Hub is a great example of how IoT can let you control your property remotely. It informs about the activities taking place inside and outside your property. So, IoT is reality and making lives better now.

Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest is probably the best example of how IoT can improve your lifestyle. It is a smart thermostat that works online. Nest gains knowledge about your family’s regular routines. It can recognize you are at home or away. Nest also learns when you sleep and wake up. It learns about the climate and then automatically maintains an ideal temperature inside your property. You can change the settings and schedules to adjust the performance of this smart device.

Philips Hue (Smart Lighting System)

Philips is working to develop smart home solutions for a long time. It has developed Hue the Smart Bulb and lighting system. It is completely different from the normal lighting system. Lights at your home or office can change colors according to your needs. You can control all the lights via a smartphone app. This smart lighting system learns your habits to adjust its operations according to your needs.

Canary Smart Security System

Millions of people have installed the motion detectors in their houses to secure their property. It was like the most advanced security solution. Now there is a much better solution available. The Canary Smart Security System that provides live video and audio feeds of the property. It offers a siren, night vision, motion detection, and information on humidity levels and air quality in your property. You can monitor all the activities through your phone. If an intruder tries to break into your property, Canary Smart Security will provide an immediate alert. You can take an appropriate action to prevent the loss.

Petnet Smart Pet Feeder

iot enabled smart pet feeder


Does your pet remains underfeed in your absence? It is terrible and many people cannot do anything about it. You can resolve this issue if you own a smart pet feeder. Petnet has developed this feeder to help pet owners in feeding their pets at the right time. It connects to a smartphone app. This application asks you to feed the details about your pet and the food it likes to eat. The application calculates the right amount of pet food you should feed to your pet. You can control it remotely via the Petnet application. That’s how this IoT enabled Pet Feeder can help you in taking a better care of your pet.

The above-mentioned products are just a few. Every electronic product has the potential of getting online. When every house in a city will become a smart house that city will become a smart city. A Smart City will totally rely on the internet services to carry out many vital operations. It will use smart apps to manage the traffic, water supply, power supply, waste disposal management, and many other things. The cities in developed countries such the USA, Japan, Sweden, Australia are getting smarter with every passing year.

Many Indian cities are also going to turn into smart cities. Just wait and watch how fast the Indian cities can turn into smart cities.




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