What Makes A Normal Human Being A Super Human?

Published on: 28/06/18 3:21 PM

Yes, Super Humans Do Exist, Don’t Believe Us,
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Who said superheroes were born? They were actually made with time and circumstances. It’s difficult to believe but it’s true. This talent is based on some measurable yardstick that defines the traits of superhuman that broadly includes-
– Possessing some exceptional talent
– It’s usefulness to society
– Some Exceptional Achievement
– Personal Growth and
– Financial health.
If a person despite their age, gender, and personal limitations meet these criteria are considered to be superhuman. As such a person is different from a normal human being as they are born on this planet with a purpose. Any female, male or transgender can be a superhuman and the only measure that defines it is stated above. Let’s read this to know more about it..!!

What Interests You?

As every human is born with some skills but maximum of us end up killing that spark by opting for a daily schedule and not hearing our deepest voice. People that are born with supernatural powers are seen opting for dreams and go for opting things that interest them as they adore doing it and not just for money.

A Plan To Go Rich?

The superhumans are seen doing totally different. As they know the ways to earn cash and will jump in to make money. As they are most loved for the skill they possess. And a person who knows how to fulfill their dream by generating sources is actually a superhuman.

Born With A Skill?


Once you discover your calling go for developing your passion into a skill further. Most of the time people go around burying their dreams in pressure of family or as a result of circumstances. But the superhumans can’t let it go as they cant live without their passion. So go ahead and train yourself in the areas you find as your deepest calling.

Your Goal?

Some people don’t really have a personal goal as they fail to define it. As defining goals can get you much further in life than your peers. So setting goals is not bad to practice rather its an interesting process of believing in oneself. Goal setting is done basis the education, finances, and capabilities to utilize them to the best of your capabilities.

Is It Measurable?

Measure your goal and focus on short, mid and long-term goals basis the resources in hand and deadline to achieve them. Then dedicating yourself to achieve those goals is what defines your performance. It helps in removing hurdles and focussing on the strength areas.

Eliminate Doubt..!!

Are you Superhuman

If you keep doubting yourself you can never achieve your goals. Doubt to some extent is healthy as its needed for reaching goals. People who don’t fear to fail are the ones that actually grow in life to taste real success and fame. Rest swim in money to buy a stage for themselves as they know if they didn’t launchpad, failure is sure to happen to them. Of course, you also need to utilize these resources properly. Superhumans are seeing doing something different from the commoners as they don’t fear to fail and are seen taking a path less chosen.

Help Society

The people that are born superhumans have a special purpose of birth as these people have come together for a cause, not for fame. They love helping people in need so they do it for the joy it brings to them as well the people they help. Fame automatically drives in for the passion they possess for this selfless activity they perform.

Physical Fitness

A superhuman need to be fit and need to follow a workout routine. Attending gym will help in maintaining a great fitness backed up by an amazing body. Eating proportionately will keep you in good shape. Superhuman tend to practice a fitness routine that helps them stay energetic and active all day long.

Learn Martial Arts/ Self-Defense.

Superhuman Qualities - Self DefenseSource

A superhuman is someone that has some superhuman goals on task list like-learning martial arts or self-defense. With the increasing crime against women, a superhuman is the first person to wake up from the crowd and be responsible for waking others by becoming an example. There are so many classes like- Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Krav Maga and other similar arts in self-defense that can help you face people that either bully or approach you with a bad intention. However, these classes can itself be risky. As a result, you might injure yourself and so get your fitness tested before joining it.

Emotional Intelligence

A person who is a superhuman will tend to inherit skills and will choose their senses in pursuit of information. EI is nothing but a capability of identifying others emotions as well of own and managing them well. Three skills that are needed are- emotional awareness, problem-solving, and ability to manage emotions. That includes regulating your emotions like- cheering up or calming down emotions.” A superhuman is sensitive to others emotions and is highly sensitive to others emotions as well.

Construct Your Group

A superhuman usually perform alone yet everyone needs advice occasionally.  Forming a group of like-minded people will help you in achieving goals faster. For this, you need to find a common interest among so many people just to finalize with the list of like-minded people like you that ultimately help you achieve it.

Each one of us can be a superhuman
but all it takes to be one is willing
to break the shackles of thoughts
that restrict us from achieving it