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What Makes Vladimir Putin One Of The Most Influential Leaders!

Published on: 16/04/18 4:41 PM

Former KGB agent and three times Russian President, Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful men on earth. His tenure as Russian president has been fairly long. Putin is completely focused towards one goal of growing Russian economy and making it world’s most powerful nation. As Putin has spent 5 years and 334 as the Russian President during his third tenure. People call him the advocate of authoritarianism because he has successfully promoted his authoritarianism for over 17 years. He has successfully disrupted and humiliated the Democratic rivals. Nobody has even thought to raise the voice against him because he is famous for repressing criticizing voices in Russia. Most of the Russians consider him a great leader. People also call him the most influential leader on this planet. Let’s find out why do people think so.

People Believe In His Story

Vladimir Putin has become a prestigious figure at international level. A lot of Americans think it is Putin who influenced the 2017 US Presidential Elections. The whole world knows Putin does not like Hillery Clinton. as she often criticized him being the Secretary of State and also during her presidential election. But, she eventually lost and Trump won. Although Putin never accepts his conspiracy of hacking Clinton’s email. But many experts believe that it was Putin who planned everything against her just to defeat her.

Vladimir Putin-Hillery Clinton-Donald Trump


Why Do The Russians Trust Vladimir Putin?

Putin believes his mother nation was nearly destroyed by the western reformers when he was first elected as the Russian president. It was 5th December 1989, a day when the goal of Vladimir Putin’s life was going to change forever. Putin was recruited at Dresden’s KGB headquarters. The German rioters had surrounded the KGB building and they were about to destroy it. Putin tried to get some help from Mosco by calling time and again, but he got only one response “Moscow is Silent”.

Most Influential leaders in the world -President Putin Russian Perspective


Putin destroyed all the confidential KGB documents before the crowd got closer to the building. After burning all the secret files, Putin came out of the building to face the rage of the mob. The local security guards of the KGB headquarters asked him to run away but he did not listen. Putin came out and threatened crowd of killing them all if the didn’t stop. Putin’s threat worked and the mob of rioters dispersed. This incident had changed Putin’s life forever. He is still standing tall since the day Berlin wall was broken. The average life expectancy in Russia was quite low when Putin first won elections. The Russian government was bankrupt at that time. Putin worked very hard to bring Russia back on the track of success. People know how Russia coped with poverty and social catastrophe and how Putin turned Russia into the world’s most powerful countries. They trust him for a better future and that’s why they like him so much.

Is It Right To Call Putin An Influential Leader?

Whether you believe it or not, Putin’s policies and actions influence the whole world. He has restored Russia’s economy. He could never do it without establishing robust relationships with progressing countries like India, China, Jorden, Egypt, Vietnam, and many other nations. All of these countries rely on Russia for the cutting-edge defense technologies and weapons. Though Trump Administration has imposed new sanctions on Putin’s inner circle, the US president himself praised Putin many times. All the recent surveys prove that Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful leaders in the world. He will remain what he is for a long time and do whatever it takes to make Russia the most powerful nation in the world.

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