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What Role Does Consciousness Play To Bring Science And Religion Together?

Published on: 28/04/18 12:30 PM

There has always been a dispute between science and religion. Many curious individuals wanted to know the scientific reasons behind everything that occurs around the globe. They tried to explain the science behind things and they got punished by religious groups. Religious communities never thought anything beyond god and scientists never find a conclusive evidence of god. Therefore, these two seems two different poles that can never meet. Many great theorists and scientists tried to convince that science will so the curiosity of the mankind. Maybe, one day we can find the origin of life and everything with robust scientific proof. People need evidence to switch to something new that is against their belief. What if you can be religious and practical at the same time? Thus, you will become a more conscious person and then you will see the true beauty of the world created by an extraordinary force.

What Is Consciousness?


It seems like everybody knows what is consciousness but people find it difficult to explain it. There is no clear scientific definition of consciousness. The researchers only speculate what it is and how it emerges. Due to the lack of understanding, consciousness is defined as a state of mind in which we interact with the real world. It is a great assumption but not the whole truth. The metaphysical Gurus do not agree with the normal definition of consciousness. They consider it a very vital component of the cosmos that makes us what we are. Consciousness is as real as time, space, and matter. Many sages in India spent most of their life in austerity and worshiping the supreme power. This austerity helped them in exploring the core of their minds and reveal something new about our world. Some of those ascetics turned into metaphysical gurus and now reaching millions of people across the globe. All you need to do is being conscious and seeing those answers.

How can consciousness merge science and religion?


So, a question arises why do a very large population on this planet worships the superpower? The mystics would not agree to that conclusion because there must be someone who has created this beautiful world. Who knows one-day human consciousness will lead us on the right path and we will be able to understand our universe and its creator. Of course, science will play an important role. The mystical thoughts would also require scientific equipment to prove what is the universal truth. As mentioned earlier, Consciousness makes us who we are. So, embrace your unique features and spend your vital time in revealing the unknown secrets of yourself and the world around us.

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