What Women Can Do That Men Can’t?

Published on: 17/03/20 10:15 AM

Can all Men this things that women's can

Being a girl has many, many, many benefits. I mean yes, historically and socially, guys have had preference. But what God didn’t give women in physical strength (biologically), he more than made up for in other respects. With the rise of feminism and women empowerment, more and more girls are rising above the fray, which has definitely tipped the scales over.

Let us see what exactly are those things that give women a clear cut edge.

Women can have multiple orgasms

Women are masters of fake orgasm

Hands Down! The best advantage of being a girl over being a boy. Ask any girl! Or a boy!

Women can get out of trouble

Ask any girl! In India, persons of authority almost always help out a girl readily. Usually a girl can get out of any trouble with a policeman or a principal…something to do with the soft tone of a woman. Men however, can never dodge the spanking.

Women can blame it on PMS

Women can blame it on PMS - Hello guys you can't do this

How many times have women blamed “female problems” to get out of work, or school, or mood swings, or just about anything?

Women can fake their way through the dance floor

Mens can't fake there way on dance floors - Things women can do easily that men's can't

To be very honest, girls don’t really have to be insecure about their dancing skills. All they have to do is shake somehow (confidence is key), and let guys see how sexy you are. No one will notice that you don’t know squat about dancing.

If confidence is really your friend, you might turn the girls on too.

Women can look sexy while cross-dressing

Things men can't do that women can - Women can look sexy while cross-dressing

Ask a relationship guy, and he will tell you how much he loves the sight of his girlfriend in boxers. But a guy trying on the underwear of a girlfriend is always weird. For everybody!

So you see, being a girl has many, many benefits. No wonder men are collapsing in numbers all over the world

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