WhatsApp Co-Founder Left Facebook After Serious Controversy Over Data Privacy Scandal!

Published on: 1/05/18 4:12 PM

What Was The Initial Aim Of Starting WhatsApp?

Independence and protection of user’s data was the basic aim that Koum and Brian Acton decided to work for. These two Co-founders of Whatsapp aimed to give data privacy to its customers but later sold their startup to Facebook. But things didn’t work out the way they wanted and the clash over data in March lead to some serious disclosure about facebook. It was reported via sources that “Facebook is allowing third parties to mishandle its users’ personal information.” 

As per the Verge-
Both Koum and Acton are devout privacy advocates,
and both pledged to preserve the sanctity of WhatsApp when they announced its sale to Facebook four years ago, which meant the duo planned never to make integrating the product with a user’s Facebook account mandatory and
said it would never share data with the parent company.
WhatsApp became entirely end-to-end encrypted in April of 2016, and the company has resisted calls from government agencies to build backdoors into its product even for counterterrorism and law enforcement measures.

Who Left Facebook And Why?

The WhatsApp Co-Founder & CEO Jan Koum have decided to leave the parent company Facebook as an outcome of a serious conflict. As Facebook attempts to use personal data of its user that will weaken its data encryption. Therefore, Acton Co-founder of WhatsApp left the company back in September. Koum has earlier sold Whatsapp to Facebook for more than $19 billion in 2014 and has decided to leave the facebook’s BOD panel too. Chief  Executive of WhatsAppJan Koum is now a billionaire, left the company 10 hours ago.

Why Facebook Wanted WhatsApp To Change Its Terms Of Service?


However, Facebook Pushed WhatsApp to change its terms of service last year to give the larger social network access to WhatsApp users’ phone numbers.
Facebook leadership also pushed for data mining and Ad targeting, as well as recommending facebook friend suggestion basis WhatsApp contacts.

Reason For Leaving Is Financial Or Ideological?

He has already informed the senior executives at Facebook and WhatsApp about his decision. As a result, he is no more visiting silicon valley as per the people. Acton (Co-Founder of WhatsApp) left the company earlier in November. And, has recently endorsed a #DeleteFacebook social media campaign. That gain wings to wake concern about data privacy, that was initiated by Cambridge Analytica. A political marketing firm linked to Trump campaign has obtained private information of over 87 million Facebook user, inappropriately.

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