Why China Would Never Indulge in a War Against India?

Published on: 28/04/18 5:55 PM

The recent Doklam Standoff has created a huge tension between India and China. China stepped back to avoid the conflict. Why China is scared of India?

Numerous people are now speculating that there will be a disastrous war between India and China because of the border dispute issue. The situation had gone worse during the Doklam Standoff. Neither Indian nor Chinese forces were willing to step back from their position. The situation had quickly got under control because China can never take a risk of indulging in a war against India. Yes, China’s military power is much larger than India. There are still a few reasons because of which China would never attack India. Those reasons are as follows.

1. The business relationship between both countries:



The animosity between India and China dates back to the 1962 war. Both of these countries have enjoyed a complex relationship. There are many business agreements between these two countries. The business organizations from both countries trade a lot with each other. There is a huge demand for Chinese products in India because these products are cheap and durable. China would never dream of fighting with a nation that is the key market for many Chinese firms.

2. The Indian Allies are Stronger than Chinese:

India has established a very strong bond with world’s leading military powers. The countries like Russia, Israel, Japan, USA, and France have invested in India. If any conflict erupts between India and China, the Indian allies would always be on the Indian side to protect their interest and investments.

China is infamous for helping North Korea. The South-Eastern countries are frustrated because of China’s illegal activities in the South China Sea. There are many reasons because of which the international community would always stand for India and not for China.

3. Due to India’s Growing Nuclear Power:


First of all, the Republic of India would never wish to indulge in a conflict where nuclear weapons will be used against the enemy. Still, India’s nuclear strength is improving quite. Unlike China, India has its indigenous nuclear power plants. India has aimed to fulfill 25% electricity demands through nuclear energy. The Indian scientists are working hard to meet this deadline and therefore India’s suppression will increase in this field.

4. Due to India’s Growing Military Strength:


The Indian military has fought several wars since the independence of India. The Chinese military looks quite powerful on the papers but the Indian soldiers are more experienced than the Chinese soldiers. The threat of Jihadis and Pakistan’s ceasefire violations often create a conflict-like situation between both countries. The Indian army deals perfectly with the terrorists and terror-exporting Pakistan. The Chinese army has not fought any war for a long time. Therefore, it would be a bit difficult for the Chinese soldiers to take the upper hand of the Indian soldiers.

5. Indian Air Force is Far More Superior than the Chinese:


Now you might be wondering how is that possible because China has more aircraft and helicopters than India. Though China has more aircraft in its arsenal, around 60% of those aircraft are the 2nd and 3rd generation aircraft. Many of them cannot even fly in the sky. The Indian Air Force, on the other hand, is getting stronger and far more superior to China. India’s Tejas and Sukhoi MKI are modern aircraft. India will soon get the Rafale fighter jets that will turn Indian Air Force into the deadliest air force in the region.

6. Powerful Indian Leadership:


The days of “condemnation” are over now. The current Indian government does not believe in one-sided peace. The government has freed the military forces to deal with the terrorists and troubling elements in a much harder language. It means, “if you will attack me, you will not be alive to see the next moment.” The Indian army has performed some brilliant surgical strikes and neutralized several militants in the recent years. China would never like to fight with a nation that would not step back, once started attacking its troops.

7. China cannot take the risk of breaking all the relationships with India:


The Chinese companies have invested over $85 billion in India. The economic experts suggest that this investment would generate over 700,000 jobs within the next five years. Both of these countries are dependent upon each other for a quick growth. Therefore, it is unlikely that China would create a conflict like situation due to which its companies may face a huge loss and get out of the Indian market.


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