Why Cousins Are The First Childhood Friend We Befriend But They Are Special Like No One..??

Published on: 24/07/18 5:51 PM

Cousin’s Are More Like Best Friend

Lucky are those who get fun-loving and joyous kind of people in form of cousins. If you are the lucky one embracing a beautiful bonding with your cousin, do greet your cousin a very special Cousin’s Day. Although you don’t need a day to celebrate this bonding, you can always be grateful for them without needing a day to celebrate.

Who Are Cousins?

Cousins are usually the first childhood friend that you make. They have made every occasion beautiful just with their presence. You have enjoyed the boring family functions with them. As what connect cousins together is food.

What Makes This Bonding So Special?

Why Cousin Bonding is special

If you have been unlucky in terms of friendship but have an amazing group of cousins to call your kind of people, you are lucky then you think. Cousins often end up becoming lifelong friends. As they spend much time at family reunions, holidays, birthday parties, wedding, anniversaries and many other countless get-togethers. Cousins entertain each other and bond well as adults that makes the bonding even more special.

Relatable Fun Moment That Is Worth Recalling A Lifetime

Importance of Cousins

1. Cousins have witnessed not just family functions but are aware of your family story and have witnessed those family secrets.

2. These people have witnessed those hilarious relatives that have never failed to poke nose into others business and have tried to appear their kids superior to you and your cousins.

3. Your cousins have heard all your stories and have accepted your darkest secrets and still manage to love you for who you are?

Role of Cousins

4. You and your cousins have seen some dreams together since childhood. Be it about career domain you would go for? your biggest fear? your hobbies? an insight about an ideal partner you would choose for your own self? They have seen your heartbreaks, failures, and have witnessed your success.

5. Cousins have seen all shades of you and still manage to love you. From schooling to college, job search to professionals, from career growth to marriage you have seen many things together.

6. From teasing your cousin with girls and guys names to making them feel embarrassed by finding a person for them.

Embrace your bonding with your adorable cousins as they are not less than a blessing. Love them when they are Here and greet your crazy cousin a very special  🙂 🙂  Cousin’s Day.!!  🙂 🙂

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