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Why Do Bulls Hate Red Color?

Published on: 7/05/18 10:24 AM

Bullfighting is quite popular among the daredevils. People praise the courage of the Matador. He moves in front of an angry bull with just a red color muleta. Though it is a very controversial sport, people still go to watch it. Many people got injured in bullfighting but that is not the main concern for many people. The viewers want to know why do bulls hate red color?

This question is obvious because every matador enters the arena with a red cape. He uses this cape (muleta) to agitate the bull. It is not so hard to say that bull does not care about the red color. There is something else that charges a bull during the bullfighting. Whenever you are standing in front of a bull, it will run towards you to attack you.

Bulls cannot see red and green color

Bulls are Color Blind


It is a big surprise for people who did not know bulls are color blind to red and green color. All the bulls are unable to recognize which is the red color and which is green. So, it is not the color that charges up every bull. Any bull would never stand up and charge against you if you are wearing a red shirt or t-shirt. It does not care about the color.

The bulls get angry only because of the movement of the cape or Muleta. As we have seen in many bullfights, the bulls attack only the Muleta and not the bullfighter. Bull attacks the matador only when it gets frustrated and angry. In addition, the bulls used in this dangerous sport are also very aggressive.

The owners raise bulls in a way that they can charge up quickly against any movement. Red color or any other color has nothing to do with the aggression of the bulls. It will get charged and attack if there is a movement.

You are safe if you are in white

Suppose you are a bullfighter and wearing a white dress whereas there is another fighter who is wearing a red dress. The bull would not charge at the fighter who is wearing the red dress if he is standing still. The bull will certainly run towards you and attack if you are wearing a white dress and moving around the arena. That is how bulls charge up and attack whenever there is a bullfight.

Why does ever matador uses red colored cape?

Muleta Agitates the Bull Not the Red Color


Hence bulls do not charge due to the red color, why the matadors use it? They use only red colored cape because it is just a part of bullfighting ritual. The bullfighters have been using red colored muleta for many years. There is no sense to change it now because it has become a symbol of bullfighting.

The matador uses red color cape only at the third stage. It is not allowed during the initial two stages. The red color of the cape also works to hide bull’s blood. It would be clearly visible if the matador uses white color muleta. So, now you know why the red color cape is used in bullfighting and how it has nothing to do with bull’s anger.



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