Why Is Nipah Virus Outbreak Affecting Many Lives In India?

Published on: 24/05/18 10:57 AM

Nipah Virus Has Started To Spread Its Wings In India..!!


National Centre for Disease Control has been investigating this outbreak in some states of India. And has issued a high alert across the country. After the outbreak of Nipah virus (NiV) it has started to affect many lives and spread its wings in Kerala, by inflicting lives to death. This virus has killed around 10 lives in past two weeks and has taken over the southern states like- Kerala and Karnataka. The virus is spread to humans on direct contact with infected animals like fruit bats or pigs. And can also spread from caregivers of people infected.

What is the Nipah Virus?

This infection is causing several diseases in humans as well as animals. The hosts of the virus are fruit bats.  As the migratory habit of the locally abundant fruit bats in South Asia has resulted in the outbreak of Nipah in this region. And this disease can be transmitted to humans in direct contact with infected bats, infected pigs or from other people infected with this virus.

Has This Happened Before?

Yes, Nipah is not a new disease in India. As it has been previously reported in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, and Malaysia. In 1998 this disease was first identified in Kampung Sungai Nipah, Malaysia, in 1998. It’s been observed that the host of this spread has either been pigs or fruit bats.

Who Are The Carrier Of Bacteria?

Bats spread the virus in their excrement and secretions. But these are symptomless carriers of the virus. its highly contagious among pigs and is spread by coughing.

Signs of Nipah?

The infection is associated with encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).
After exposure and an incubation period of 5 to 14 days, illness presents with 3-14 days of fever and headache, followed by drowsiness, disorientation and mental confusion.
These signs and symptoms can progress to come within 24-48 hours.
Some patients have a respiratory illness during the early part of their infections, and half of the patients showing severe neurological signs showed also pulmonary signs.

As Per CDC

Has It Stated Affecting India?


Around 10-15 deaths have been reported to happen because of this virus. Recently Lini Puthussery, a 31-year-old nurse died in Kerala who was treating a patient infected by the deadly Nipah virus in the state. So the government of Kerala has announced a monetary aid of 20 lakh to her family and a government job to her husband-sajish. On a condition- if he is willing to stay in Kerala. Promising a compensatory sum of Rs 5 lakh each to the relatives of other deceased. Ten people in the South Indian state of Kerala have already died being infected by the Nipah virus, It’s spreading like pollution and should be controlled as soon as possible.

What Is The Preventive Method?

The method of prevention is to prevent the farm animals from eating fruits contaminated by bats. Ensure health care workers should wash hands properly to avoid such viruses. By wearing a gown, mask, cap, and gloves you can prevent it to some extent. So its a must for doctors treating patients prone to such diseases.

 “By avoiding exposure to sick pigs and bats in endemic areas and not drinking raw date palm sap,” which can be contaminated by excretions from infected bats, the CDC says.



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