Happy Doctors And CA Day To All Of You..!!

Published on: 1/07/18 9:51 AM

Happy CA And Doctors Day..!!

ICAI Motto- Ya Esha Supteshu Jagriti

Meaning- the one who is awake in those that sleep

ICAI- Institute Of Chartered Accountants In INDIA

A CA is an honor-bound degree to follow as its no easy to clear one and get the prefix CA in front of your name. If a client is careless about tax payments A CA comes into the picture to ensure proper filing is done and there is no tax evasion. CA Day celebrates to acknowledge the efforts that a CA plays be it in form of- Auditor, Accountant, Taxation officer, etc. Every role played by them is important and so they should ensure to not be a part of tax evading part and are responsible officers understanding the seriousness of profession.

Doctor’s Motto- Primum non nocere

Meaning- “First do no harm”

In India the National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1 all across India to honor the legendary physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy The celebration of the Doctors’ Day is an attempt to recognize their effort and doctors value in our lives and to honor them for saving lives. 

Both Doctors And CA Are Needed In Our Country…
As We Need Doctors For Curing Disease And Saving Life
CA For Preventing Tax Evasion And Accurate Tax Compliance…


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