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Why Living with Parents Is Actually Better Than Living Alone

Published on: 19/03/20 7:44 PM

People may diss you for living with your parents, but the truth is, living with them is a great privilege and advantage. In fact, if your parents are open minded and liberal, you might just find that this co-living situation is actually more enjoyable than cringe-worthy.

Of course, we don’t say it is good because you can mooch off of them; in fact, every working professional should absolutely contribute equally to the finances. But our reasons go beyond just money.

  1. Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana

Home Food Vs Hostel Food - Maa Ke Hath Ka Khana - Indians Living with Parents

The best thing about living with parents at your own home is that you get regular Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana. No matter how expert a khaane-wali aunty you hire, or how carefully you follow your mom’s recipe, your food is just not like your Mom’s. You always feel like there is something missing in it.

After a while you realize that your mom’s food, apart from the love and concern obviously, has years of effortless perfection behind it, while your food is still trying to get there.

The first thing that I yearn for when I think of home is her cooking.

  1. No Rent

 Living with Parents - Benefit of Living with Family

Of course, we never think of actually saving that extra money we saved on rent. Somehow, we find ways to spend that money too. But still, a person who moves back into his parents’ will be able to tell you the huge difference in financial assets when you don’t have to pay rent.

  1. No lonely evenings or mornings

Benefit of Living with Family - Staying with mom dad

One of the worst things of living alone or even with roommates is that after a day of toiling away at work, you get home and realize how quiet everything is. Yes, you can go out with friends, but you can’t do that every day. It is neither financially viable, nor you have the energy for it.

Sitting with parents in quiet evenings in the drawing room, watching news and sipping tea; these are the moments that become precious.

  1. No animosity

Benefit of Living with Family - Living with Parents - roommate fight

Obviously most of the millenials cannot afford to live alone; most of them are in a co-living situation. And obviously living with a/a few or a bunch of roommate/(s) can lead to several conflicts between people. Didn’t pay rent or bills on time, fallen short on your share of groceries, or brought a few too many friends on weekends……once the hostilities start, after a while, even the smallest of things become explosive.

That can never happen when you live with your parents. Sure, your parents can condemn you for eternity; but there can never be a hostile situation since y’all related by blood.

  1. No stress for parents’ health

Benefit of Living with Family - Living with Parents

Many millenials have expressed that living away from parents; they often worry about their parents and vice versa. While parents worrying for their kids may be a regular thing, but kids worry about their parents too; worries about their parents coping with an empty nest, worries about their parents’ health and many other things.

But if you live with your parents, at least you don’t have to feel guilty about being there for them.

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